Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bella Sugar eye look

Hello ladies,

I have an eye look for you today with colors from Bella Sugar Cosmetics. There is something about Spring that inspires me to wear shades found on bright birds and flowers.

The shimmer is lovely in this low light photo.

The shadow swatches were done on the side of my hand. The first line shows the color applied directly to skin. The second line displays the color over Reviva Labs Makeup Primer. You can read more about the primer in this review. If it's a product that interests you, please let me know. The people at Reviva Labs always review comments and are responsive to reader interest.
Clearwater: a vibrant blue with a touch of green.
Bad Girl: This color is a smoky purple shimmer that is difficult to capture. I am showing two views so you can get an idea how the color can change in the light.

Bella Sugar: a pale pink shimmer. I love this as a highlight.
Sweet Pea: a peachy pink. You can see this color blends with my skin tone. This is a great pinkish shade for warm toned skins. It's fairly neutral.

I really love the silky feel of applying shadows from Bella Sugar Cosmetics. They glide softly across the eyelid. The adhesion is especially impressive when worn over primer. Their color range can easily suit a variety of tastes. I put together selections for an 18 color palette and I feel like I could combine the shades in various ways to fit my color needs that day.

Across the lid, I am wearing Bad Girl. In the photos, Clearwater is overtaking the purple. Bad Girl is one of those colors that lives much better than it photographs. It's true to the name! In the contour, there is a mix of Clearwater and Coltt. I will be showing swatches of Coltt in the next post about Bella Sugar Cosmetics. It's an amazing cobalt blue that makes think of Cleopatra. The highlight is mostly Bella Sugar with a touch of Sweet Pea.

The mascara is Hard Candy's Curl Up and Dye in late night. I am also wearing Walk the Line liquid eyeliner in sugar plum.

All the products mentioned in this post were sent to me for review. Shadows from Bella Sugar Cosmetics can be purchased from either their on-line store,, or their etsy shop. If you see a color reviewed that isn't listed, feel free to contact them. All of the shades I posted are currently available.

For a chance to win all six shadows from the Wildflower Collection as well as Reviva Labs Makeup primer, please visit the contest post. If you happen to be the lucky winner, Bella Sugar Cosmetics is willing to make substitutions if you already have the shades from the Wildflower Collection or would like to try a different color.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. Love the cat eye shape! And you have really pretty eyelashes *____*

    Sweet Pea looks soooo pretty :3

  2. Silhouette Screams: Thank you! The cat eye shape is my favorite. My feline companion approves. I ended up with a lot of lash and nail length somehow. ;)

    She does amazing pinks and peaches. I think you'll really like the peach from the Wildflower Collection, also the red.

  3. I love the look! and the purple just looks stunning! ~Patricia

  4. Beautiful look! I love the Clearwater color!

  5. Beautiful eyes! I love your color combination on your nails as well as your eyes. The primer really makes a difference in the color of the shadow. Another beautiful rose.

  6. Patricia: Thank so much! The purple is more lovely in person. It would make an interesting accent to a smoky eye look as well. <3

    Jessica: Thank you! Clearwater is stunning. It layers really well and the color can be combined with darker and lighter shades to create different tones. It's a really versatile blue. :)

    Lucy: Thank you, Lucy! I am so happy to see you! The Reviva Labs primer is really fantastic. I'm hoping to go to Washington's Crossings in the next couple weeks when the wild roses are all in bloom. <3

  7. wow! That is beautiful wish i knew how to do eyeshadow I stink at it


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