Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cat in the garden

Hello ladies,

I was taking flower pictures in the community garden and I encountered some fauna. This striped feline was positioned behind a wooden bench and one of support beams of a large arbor.
I am not looking.
I am still not looking.
Now I will stare at you endlessly...
Even as you back away.

He didn't seem particularly interested in human company until...
I caught him following me!

He hid under the rose bushes and supervised my picture taking. So very like a cat!

That was the first time I had ever seen a cat in the garden. I hope to see my little friend again.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. great photographs - i have been pondering for some time now how to do nails that represent a yellow peach pink rose

  2. The rose...I LOVE IT!!! The cat...his name is Cheshire!!!

  3. Pretty rose, amazingly pretty! And the cat is cute, he looks so bored out haha

  4. What a beautiful cat! I love his eyes.
    The rose is nice, too. :)

  5. You're pictures are great. The cat is very handsome (looks like a boy to me) I hope he has a family and isn't a stray he's too pretty to be a stray and should have a nice loving family.

  6. Silly cat! Of course he wasn't looking. :P

  7. peripatetic33: Thank you! I wonder if you could do sponge nail art beneath a stamping design. You could also try two dots of different colored stamping polish and let them blend when you scrape over the design. These ideas are more conceptual than recreating life. :)

    Amy: Thanks! He's such a charming cat. <3

    Kimberly: Thanks so much! The roses have been so amazing this season. I could definitely see the Cheshire Cat staring at me.

    Biba: Thank you, sweetie.

    Michelle: Thank you! I think the kitty was practicing his disaffected stare. ;)

    thecandiedmango: Thanks so much! He has such beautiful eyes and markings. <3

    Jessica: Thanks! He seemed too well cared for to be a feral cat. He seemed more like a tom cat that steps out of the house once in awhile. ;)

    Emily: He was definitely having some fun with me. :)

  8. Love that last picture especially!

  9. What a divine rose!! That would make a beautiful manicure for sure.


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