Thursday, May 27, 2010

Chocolate covered cherries

Hello ladies,

Today I am wearing Tuxedo Night from the new BB Couture For Men Formal Collection. This glitter speckled jelly formula has a deep burgundy base with a brown tint. In some lights, it reveals a dark purple hue. The color reminds me of the juice of a black cherry mingled with dark chocolate.

The thought of chocolate covered cherries possessed me as I was creating this manicure. I brought to mind cherries hanging from branches, with the warmth of the sun still on their skin. I also thought of the red foil wrappers that surround chocolate covered cherries.

A crystal skull topped quartz point. This is a borrowed trinket. How I wish it were mine to keep!

I painted three coats for opacity. The first two coats looked streaky and suspicious, but the third glossed over my nails to perfection. I can't even begin to describe the gorgeous shine of this polish with topcoat. My nails look like tempting confections.

There is a multitude of shimmer particles, shaped like tiny flakies. I can discern gold and red with specks of blue violet. I would love to see the glitter in Tuxedo Night frozen under a matte topcoat. I would like it best on a man without the high gloss, unless of course he were a rock star. A little shine and flash of glitter near the guitar strings is not a bad thing at all.

Tuxedo Night was sent to me for review. This shade and the rest of the BB Couture For Men Formal Collection can be purchased from For a chance to win all six polishes and a beauty gift pack, please visit the contest post to enter.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. This is beautiful! I love BB Couture. And that flower looks great with the jewels on the nails!

  2. Skulda: Thanks so much! This is one of those colors that has made me stare at my nails all day. <3

    Jessica: Thank you! BB Couture is worthy of our love. I am glad my wandering in search of flower rings proved fruitful. ;)

  3. ingegerd: Thanks! I am so glad you like Tuxedo Night. <3

  4. Oh, the addition of the jems is mesmerizing! That's a gorgeous color.

  5. Lily nail: Thank you so much! I am loving this vampy shade! <3

    Nicole: Thank you! Tuxedo Night would be so beautiful on your nails. You wear the vampies well. <3

    Starlight: Thank you! xoxo!

  6. i like the subtle glitter throughout. jazzy but not over the top.

  7. the color makes a misterious image, but I kinda like it! you have such a beautiful nail :)

  8. Cute idea- chocolate covered cherries- I like it!

  9. Awwh how cute :3 and I love that little skull trinket!

  10. Your nails look yummy enough to nibble on! I'm so pleased with this collection. I have to use this very soon. It's really beautiful. Each polish you show me suprises me with it's beauty.

  11. Ah, this color reminds me of the fall...or of cold winter nights with a cup of coco!


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