Sunday, May 30, 2010

City floral

Hello ladies,

Today I am wearing Incognito, a stunning duochrome shade from the new BB Couture for Men Formal Collection. The polish has a grey base with a purple tint. A lilac flash of shimmer adds interest and complexity. A touch of blue micro glitter sparkles intermittently.

Incognito reminds me of the city. In this polish, there is the steel of skyscrapers and the stained glass of old cathedrals. To me, I can't separate these images from the city parks and gardens I linger in or walk through every day. I stamped a modern floral design from Bundle Monster plate BM03 in Konad pink special polish. In the center of each flower, I placed a hot pink metallic sphere. These also came from Bundle Monster.

I painted three coats of Incognito for opacity. I believe ladies with more active length nails would only require two coats. I am really pleased with the BB Couture application. This polish is definitely salon quality.

Incognito was sent to me for review. This shade and the other polishes in the BB Couture For Men Formal Collection are available for purchase at For a chance to win all six polishes in the Formal Collection and a beauty gift pack, please visit the contest post.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. Nikki Warner: You are sweet. Your nails are lovely just as they are. You always do such clever and interesting manicures. <3

  2. Love the pink and grey color combo! Matches the flower too!

  3. That's very pretty! I wasn't going to enter the contest for these,but I might!

  4. wow that is a great shade of grey! and you paired it up perfectly with the pink! soooo pretty. ~Patricia

  5. Tinna: Thank you! I appreciate your kind words. Incognito is such a beauty.

    Amy: Thanks so much! I am known to wander around the garden coordinating my nails with the flowers. :)

    ingegerd: Thank you, kindly. <3

    Starlight: Thanks! These colors photograph so much better individually than as a group. Each shade has a glowing shimmer. There is a twilight quality to these colors. I will be posting all of them, so you have time to decide. :)

    Patricia: Thank you! Incognito is one of my favorite greys of all time. <3

  6. The base colour is really interesting, it's almost confusing to look at because I don't know what colour I'm seeing :D

  7. Wowsa! That color is awesome!!!

  8. Silhouette Screams: Thanks! Those duochromes are tricksters. ;)

    dailypolish: Thanks so much! xoxo!

    Sky: I appreciate your sweet comment. Thank you! Duochromes can be quite compelling.

  9. I'm suprised at the beauty of this shade. I didn't think it would look like this. I'm so happy I'm so happy it looks as pretty as in the bottle. The Bundle Monster has some very pretty floral designs in it.

  10. Duochromes are one of my favorite types of polish, and the lilac flash of this one is just fab! I think I'm going to add this one to my lemming list. :D


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