Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hard Candy Eye Look: green and gold

Hello ladies,

I have another Hard Candy eye look for you. This blend of green and gold was inspired by Lady Slipper flowers.
My lashes are dark green!
I didn't use a lash curler. The curl is from the mascara alone!
In the Shadows eye shadow collection in gamble. It comes with a mini primer.

Split Personality eye shadow duo in therapy.

The green has intense sparkle.
Curl Up and Dye lash curling mascara in late night.
Take Me Out eyeliner pencil in fortune cookie.

Yellow Lady Slippers, a type of wild orchid.

I began with the primer included in the eye shadow collection. I'm really impressed with how it kept my eye make up in place on a humid, sunny day. The shadows applied well. I particularly loved the coppery shade, fourth from the top.

I used the entire palette for this look. The pale cream is at the inner corners and also blended with the beige (in the center) on my brow bone. The copper and the earthy brown are blended in the contour. The copper was also placed at the outer lid. The gamble shadows collection could function well for workday neutrals or be dressed up a bit with a few simple additions.

The Split Personality eye shadow duos have a cream formula. Although I did have some creasing, the green shadow over primer stayed on my eyes on a 90 degree F (32 C) day. I had Thai food outside by the river and afterwards my friend and I did a little shopping. Then we took a walk in the woods at the wildflower preserve. The shadow was still present and visible after all that activity. Overall, I am pretty impressed with the performance of this formula.

Curl Up and Dye mascara is tied with the baked eye shadow duos as my favorite Hard Candy cosmetic. The mascara gave gorgeous curl, definition and color. Other fashion shades include blue (Mr. Right) and purple (Venus). There is a basic black and brown as well as an inky shade. I want all of them!

The Take Me Out liner in fortune cookie made my eyes gilded. It's a great product to stash in your make up bag if you need to dress up your look quickly.

The eye products in this post were provided for me to review. You can browse the entire Hard Candy line of cosmetics and nail color at Walmart retail locations and stock Hard Candy items for purchase. For a chance to win all 16 Hard Candy Just Nails polishes, please visit the contest post to enter. The contest ends May 3rd in the last available time zone, so don't delay.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. Those look wonderful! I like how well the green and gold go together and suggest the colors of spring and summer. Super awesome that the mascara does that wonderful curl too!!

  2. artbysarada: Thank you! Ladyslippers and fortune cookie eyeliner go well together. The mascara is my new favorite!

  3. A really great look. I really like seeing looks with those colors, but think I'll never be able to pull it off myself (though I've haven't tried yet). I've been debating whether or not to get some of Hard Candy's eye shadow to play (I've only tried their lip gloss); I definitely want to try out their mascara.

  4. That is a gorgeous look, and it really makes the pretty color of your eyes stand out. Thanks for sharing! :)

  5. oh i miss wild flowers from the woods up north, those lady slippers are special, do you live near a wooded area in PA? ---- I remember these from the woods in OH

  6. MisaMisa01: Hey sweetie! Nice to see you. <3 Go for the baked shadow duos if you are looking to experiment. Many of the shades would work with neutrals if you want a little added color on the lid. I would also recommend the palettes with the mini primer. If you are only picking up one or two items, I would go for those first. Of course you need the mascara! :)

    Anna: I really appreciate it! Thanks so much!

    peripatetic33: Thank you! We were so excited to come across the lady slippers. I live in downtown Philadelphia. I make trips to gardens that are about 45 minutes away. The majority of my flower pictures are taken at a community garden not far from Rittenhouse Square. These were taken at a wildflower preserve in New Hope, PA.

  7. I LOVE how metallic these shadows look! And omg, those just might be the cutest little flowers I've ever seen :3

  8. Silhouette Screams: The split personality shadows have so much metallic sparkle. I think Hard Candy as a brand does well with creating interesting shimmer in their products. <3 I love sharing flower pictures. It's so interesting seeing the reactions from ladies living in different growing regions. Whenever I see lady slippers, I want to store little treasures in them!

  9. My oh my do your eyes look sexy! If I didn't already have way too much makeup I would be getting these. The brand seems to be very good. Curl Up & Dye is the mascara I have. It is pretty good and gives nice color coverage. I haven't seen Ladyslippers in many years. They are beautiful. I always have loved walking in the woods. Way behind my house when I lived at home was a woods. I used to go for a walk with a book and just prop myself under a tree and read for awhile. I loved the different wild flowers in the woods. I especially loved the laurel bushes that grew wild. I used to cut armfuls of them and bring them into the house.


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