Saturday, May 1, 2010

Love and stilettos

Hello ladies,

Today I have a look that is romantic, gilded and sexy. The design makes me think of love and stilettos. My boyfriend greatly appreciated this manicure for both appearance and concept.

I began with Hard Candy's The End, a basic black creme. Bright pink rhinestone hearts from Essence were centered on each tip. I brushed Sugar Daddy starting from the outer edge of the cuticle, alongside the nail and ended just above the sparkling heart. I repeated this movement on the opposite side with Hypnotic, which culminated in a subtle crisscross of metallic pink and gold.

It's easiest to view the pink overlapping the gold in the cropped photo above.

The manicure coordinates well with a statue of Bast, the ancient Egyptian cat Goddess. My owl ring pays homage.

The End is a great basic black if you are needing a bottle for your collection. It is opaque in two coats and applied cleanly. Hypnotic and Sugar Daddy are fantastic layering notes. They each pair boldly with black and create a subtle glow on the nail when worn singly.

Hard Candy Hypnotic, Sugar Daddy and The End were sent to me for review. To explore the entire Hard Candy range of cosmetics and nail polishes, visit Walmart retail locations and stock Hard Candy for purchase. For a chance to win all 16 polishes in the Hard Candy Just Nails line, stop by the contest post to enter.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. wow thats amazing!!
    Im gonna try that for my next mani :)

  2. Great design, feminin and sexy, I like.
    My blog:
    Http: //

  3. very pretty. i like the hearts you added to make it pop.

  4. Very the combo :)

  5. Very nice, I love your creativity!

  6. That looks great! I love the heart accents, very cute. :)

  7. That is gorgeous! I wish my nails were long. I bite them too much. They look all stumpy and gross even when painted. I just drool over yours.

    I'm making an effort to delurk today. LOL

  8. I really love the story behind this :3

  9. I love how you take your time to showcase collections. This mani is hot!

  10. Your creativity holds no bounds! This is a very sexy look on you. Love the statue of Bast. Haven't you used this in your earlier days of blogging?


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