Thursday, May 20, 2010

Peacock in pink

Hello ladies,

Today I am wearing Roberta's Green Garden, a neon green polish from Brucci. This color is vivid and, like most neons, extremely difficult to capture. I will ask you to call forth your creative Muse and visualize this green as being about two shades brighter.

The stylized feather image is from Bundle Monster plate BM01. For stamping, I used Konad special polish in violet pearl. Applied over the neon green, the metallic shimmer in the purple stamping polish showed much more prominently than the base color. It really looks like gold on the nail with the slightest hint of purple. I added magenta rhinestones to the center of each feather. The manicure makes me think of peacocks.

Two coats will bring opacity, but I found three to appear a little brighter on the nail. I tend towards applying thinner coats. Depending on your technique, you may be satisfied with two. Top coat altered the color slightly. It made Roberta's Green Garden appear more grassy than the bright spearmint shade in the bottle.

For a chance to win four Brucci nail polishes along with an assortment of Spring beauty items, please visit the contest post to enter.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. I love these colors together (and can't wait to get my plate bundle)! But one question - how do you type with nails so long!?! Seriously impressive, ma'am.

  2. Goodness thats beautiful! The color and the nail art

  3. Such a beautiful combination and I love the abstract peacock!

  4. Beautiful Love the color comb :)

  5. You know what else I thought it looks like? A Phoenix. Very beautiful and the flowers...awesome!

  6. Love this! The color, the stamp, the pink jewel adds the perfect touch. <3

  7. it reminds me of a phoenix with the jewel in the middle which is just awesome I would love to see it in a red with yellow jewel in the middle...Well I can picture it...I can see the feather also but the first look was the phoenix! ~Patricia

  8. Gosh I love that nail color,and you're nail art is even prettier!

  9. Awwh the feathers and gems are cute :3

  10. Wow! It´s so beautiful!!!!!

  11. ch3rryco1a: Thank you! The Bundle Monster set is so entertaining. I'm used to only having a small number of new plates to work with at a time. This was like an extravaganza!

    I am a slow typist. I tend to angle my fingers slightly and hit the keys towards the side of my fingertips. I don't type on my nails. It's amusing when I type in public, which I do all the time. :)

    Jessica: Thank you! The green is so much more striking than my camera could capture. <3

    Evil Angel: Thank you so much, sweetie! Any hint of a peacock always makes me happy. <3

    rmcandlelight: Thank you! I love pairing bright shades!

    Charity: Thanks! I wish my camera could capture the true brightness of this neon. The tone of the green looks accurate, but it needs to be amped to match the true to life version. It's much prettier in person. :)

  12. Kimberly: Thank you! What a great take on the image! The design would work equally well in hot colors. <3

    ~Elizabeth: Thank you so much! I had a great time creating this look. <3

    Thriszha: Thank you, sweetie! xoxo!

    nihrida: Thank you! I appreciate it. :)

    Patricia: It's so interesting how adding a jewel can transform a design! The etching looks like a cross between a feather and a leaf, but I can see the Phoenix now too. <3

    Starlight: Thanks so much! What a sweet thought! <3

    Silhouette Screams: Thank you! I'm so glad you like the look. :)

    sonidlo: Thank you so much! I appreciate your kind words!

  13. I like the pink flower/teal polish contrast picture- very cool.

  14. Wow this is such a lovely color! The only reason that I'm not checking out Brucci polishes is because I'm seriously trying to keep my stash count in check by NOT trying new brands!

    Loving this design - it has this ethnic vibe going on to my eye :)

  15. I really like this color combination!
    Your garden is heaven!!!
    I wish I could have a garden like yours... I'm completely in love with flowers :)


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