Saturday, May 29, 2010

Reviva Labs EFAs Cream

Hello ladies,

Today I want to share my experience with a natural moisturizing cream formulated for thin, delicate skin: Reviva Labs EFAs Cream. I am impressed with the range of quality ingredients, the merging of nature with science and the performance of this product.

This is a spectacular hydrangea bush outside the community garden. I think one of the gardeners may have added some rusty nails to the soil. Some of the flowers are shifting towards blue in tone. It's a wonderment!

Behind the hydrangeas, pink roses are growing aside the wrought iron fence.
The formula blends 10 essential fatty acid oils together in a lightweight cream. All of the EFA oils are plant based, making this product suitable for vegetarians. Included are sunflower oil, flaxseed oil, borage oil, rosehip oil, hemp oil, avocado oil, wheat germ oil, black currant seed oil, olive oil and sesame oil. Pomegranate oil is also present for its antioxidant properties.

The purpose of adding essential fatty acids is to help return Omega-3 and Omega-6 oils to the skin. The presence of these nutrients can help rebuild skin cell membranes, leading to the appearance of healthier skin. I found my skin looks slightly plumper and feels smoother with continued use of EFAs Cream. To date, I have been applying this product nightly for about a month.

Since I have dry skin, I layered the EFAs cream over Hyaluronic Acid serum. I will be reviewing this product separately, as I found it very useful. It's purpose is to help skin that is resistant to moisture more easily obtain emollient properties from creams and lotions. I was very impressed with how these two products together delivered moisture to my very dry skin. I'm used to requiring very thick and heavy creams to keep the skin on my face soft and hydrated.

My favorite use of the EFAs Cream is for the skin on my neck. In recent months, I started moisturizing my neck as well as my face before bedtime. I apply the EFA cream alone for this purpose. My skin looks more supple and refreshed.

The EFAs cream is recommended for women and men over 35 and for younger people with thin or delicate skin. The EFAs cream is a high quality, light weight moisturizer I feel could benefit a variety of skin types and age groups. I personally started looking into anti-aging moisturizers in my mid twenties. It has been a useful, preventative measure for me.

Reviva Labs sent their EFAs Cream to me for review. It is available for purchase at and A 1.5 ounce container retails for $25. For a chance to win a full size jar of EFAs Cream, please visit the contest post to enter. After trying the EFAs Cream, I contacted Reviva Labs about adding this item to the giveaway. I have been greatly enjoying their products and am happy to share the experience whenever possible.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. This sounds very lush and moisturising :D usually I'm not really bothered with what I use, but this sounds quite nice :)

  2. Silhouette Screams: The EFAs Cream is really well formulated. My skin is definitely a testament to years of good night creams and sunscreen. I feel like an older sister here...start thinking about moisturizing early on. It will help keep your skin as beautiful as it is now, years into the future. :)


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