Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sky lilies

Hello ladies,

Today I am wearing Brucci Typhoon Lagoon, a lovely purple with pale green and blue duochrome shimmer. One of my favorite bits of whimsy is to imagine things that grow from the earth to exist in the sky as well. I think the white lilies on my fingernails would be beautiful as clouds.

I stamped the lilies from the Bundle Monster fauxnad plate BM 15 using white Konad special polish. I added tiny metallic spheres in sage green.

This strange little creature is a hummingbird moth. It's wings mimic the constant motion of a hummingbird. I was both startled and delighted by it's appearance. Have any of you ever seen a hummingbird moth in person?

Typhoon Lagoon needed three coats for opacity. The color was so beautiful as I added more coats, I could have painted away the afternoon.

I received my set of 21 design plates from Bundle Monster yesterday and this was my first experience with them. I found that I needed to work much faster transferring the image from the stamper to my nail to make the design adhere fully. I also needed to press down more firmly with the stamper. Once I found the right speed and pressure, I had no further issues.

For a beginner, I would recommend starting with Konad plates. The appeal of the Bundle Monster pack is the variety of the designs. I started out with a simple image that would be forgiving to stamp. There are some really lovely designs. I purchased the set solely for the peacock image. I am also smitten with the chandelier and French poodle.

I added on the 5 pack of nail art wheels. While the contents are useful, the packaging doesn't properly contain them. What I ended up with is a lot of mixing between the compartments. It's a shame because I appreciate the variety of components. There are miniature metallic spheres that I used in this manicure. Included are circle, square, heart, comma, flower and teardrop rhinestones. There are also iridescent plastic cutouts shaped like hearts, flowers, teardrops, hexagons and stars. However, I don't think the hot pink playboy bunny emblem will be finding it's way onto my nails anytime soon.

Brucci Typhoon Lagoon is one of the offerings in the Spring Beauty, Spring Cleaning prize package. Please visit the contest post to enter.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. I am probably going to be eternally jealous of your polish collection and nail art collection! :) I like this swatch very very much.

  2. ahhh, twas the peacocks that caught my eye as well. Lovely manicure!

  3. Joan: Thank you! I'm so glad you like the color. I am forever collecting little embellishments for my nails.

    Elizabeth: Those peacocks! They get us every time. ;) Thanks so much for the compliment. <3

  4. i love the color and the pic of the hummingbird moth :D

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  6. Very beautiful !

  7. Beautiful!! I love flowers and your embellishments sealed the deal :)

  8. Wow you picked out the perfect combination! It looks wonderful! ~Patricia

  9. i REALLY like this colour!!!!

    i changed my blogsite, would you be willing to update your blogroll? i'd be very appreciative!!! is NOW

    love the konad too. i wish my nails were long like yours because sometimes i feel my short nails get overpowered by a konad!


  10. Wow, I didn't know there was such a thing as a hummingbird moth! The duochrome in that polish is so beautiful ^__^

  11. Love this. Where did you get the little jewels?

  12. So pretty! I love my bundlemonster plates, I haven't had a chance to use them yet but the Peacock design is what sold me too.

    Never seen a hummingbird moth, that could be kinda creepy.

  13. Lovely manicure. Very pretty design of lilies. I'd love to see a poodle manicure. I used to have a deep grey poodle and a black poodle. I was never crazy about poodles until I bought my cousins poodle for my Mother. My cousins boyfriend hated the dog and the poor thing was a wreck from her children. My Mother fell in love with January and he fell in love with my Mother. It was fate since January was named for his birthmonth and my Mothers' birthday was January 29. They were never seperated after that day. I then had a rescue poodle who unfortunately died from Parvo. The vaccination was just new at the time. I did get a puppy from the rescue. He was my baby and I miss him to this day. Your blog brings up so many memories for me.

  14. amusedPolish: Typhoon Lagoon would be beautiful on you! I was so fascinated by the hummingbird moth. I followed it around for a bit trying to figure out what that complex creature was! :)

    Tassa: Thank you, dear! <3

    Stopdidine: Thank you! I appreciate your sweet comment. <3

    rmcandlelight: Thanks! You are certainly in the right place for flowers. I am so excited to have new sparkles to add to my manicures. So much fun!

    Patricia: Thank you! It was tricky with so many new plates tempting me. The Bundle Monster pack is amazing! I am glad I made a good selection to complement the beauty of Typhoon Lagoon. <3

  15. WHOA I'm loving that manicure! Beautiful!

  16. I love this polish and the flower print- very springy!


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