Monday, May 31, 2010

Stellar holiday

Hello ladies,

For the Americans amongst you, I hope you had a restful Memorial Day holiday. I decided to create a subtly patriotic manicure using Dinner Jacket from the BB Couture for Men Formal Collection. A backdrop of roses helped complete the red, white and blue color scheme.

I chose the layered star pattern from Bundle Monster plate BM05. The stamping was done in white Konad special polish. I placed a diaphanous blue star in the center. I would love to experiment with this look in other colors.

Here is a bit of Americana for you. Below is a sculpture of a mule painted with a scene of life along the river. The garden he resides in will be so lush in a couple of months. Do any of you have these painted animals in your town?

I applied three coats of Dinner Jacket for perfect opacity. Whether or not you will need two or three coats depends largely on nail length. I think the colors from this collection would apply successfully in two coats for most people.

Along with multihued micro shimmer, Dinner Jacket has a subtle purple duochrome. I'm hoping it's visible in the pictures. Blue and purple tend to merge on many computer monitors. What I am enjoying most about the polishes from the Formal Collection is the unique take on classic colors. Each polish I have tried so far has an understated beauty and complexity.

Dinner Jacket was sent to me for review. This color, along with the entire BB Couture for Men Formal Collection, is available for purchase from Would you like to win all six polishes from this collection and a beauty gift pack? Check out the His & Hers Giveaway to enter.

Happy painting, ladies.


  1. Really pretty. The design is so crisp!

  2. This manicure, in a strange way, reminds me of the Old West! I quite like it!

    My town does have painted animals..pelicans, to be exact. They're all over the place! They all have different designs painted on them, some for particular areas or buildings.

  3. When I lived in Virginia Beach, VA, they had mermaid sculptures instead of the animals. Like Jean mentioned, they are all painted by different artists with different styles.

  4. That is so cute! I love the stars!

  5. I love the star design; it also reminds me of a certain football team..... ;) and I mean it in a very good stylish classy way.

    Dallas doesn't have painted animals; however they do have the painted Pegasus. When I worked downtown many moons ago, they had an exhibit of the Pegasus on Parade. There were schools, famous artists, designers, etc that participated and it was quite spetacular. The Pegasi(?) were auctioned off for charity.

    Here's a link to pictures of the pianted Pegasus found around Dallas:

    That link should work, but if not try googling "Pegasus Statue Tour"

  6. Lovely, I love the little star at the center of the big one. ^^

  7. You are so creative
    loved the star manicure

  8. in London every year we have these painted elephants to bring attention to the poaching of elephants. there are 500 scattered all over London and each one is painted by a different designer/artist and it's sort of fun to travel through town and see them in all different places.

    that's what this made me think of!


  9. As soon as I saw this I immediately thought it looked quite patriotic. :D

  10. This is one of your prettiest manis!

  11. oh i love this,the blue is fantastic!!!

  12. I like this color because it's not too wild (work-appropriate) but it's still a fun color!

  13. So cute!!! Another great design ;-)
    Keep up with the inspiration.

  14. I love this shade of blue. I used to have a blouse in the same shade. Another wonderful design. Wonderful painting on the horse. Thank you for showing the wonderful art and flowers of Philadelphia.

  15. In Louisville, they have the Galapalooza horses that come out every year, on every street corner, on buildings, in buildings, there's no telling where you will find them. Some people go galapalooza hunting to try and find them all.


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