Monday, May 3, 2010

Ursa Major, Ursa Minor

Hello ladies!

Today my friend David and I went on a flower journey to Longwood Gardens. With no particular reference to my companion, I am wearing a manicure with both Hard Candy's Mr. Right and Mr. Wrong. I think they combine nicely.

The deep blue shimmer of Mr. Right conjured visions of the night sky. Mr Wrong has a cosmos of fine gold and silver glitter blended in the purple base. The colors together made me think of constellations aglow in the heavens. I added the Art Club striper in You're Golden to define the funky french. I placed a silver star along the stripe as an accent.

Fauxnad plate B114 was sent to me as a gift from the beautiful and talented Thriszha. Many thanks! She chose it for me since the plate features a cat design. What she didn't realize was that I also adore bears! I was excited to have an image of a bear in the wild. The positioning immediately made me think of the constellation Ursa Major. I realize the bear would be facing the opposite direction if it were to truly replicate the constellation. Whimsy! I stamped the bear in Konad gold special polish.

I have a special power to position stamping images on my pinky nails.
The constellation Ursa Minor. The pearls represent the star formation. Polaris, the North Star, is shown in silver.

The wisteria arbor at Longwood Gardens.

Mr. Right lived up to the name and applied beautifully. Two coats brought opacity to this navy shimmer. It's a good basic to have in your collection. Mr. Wrong was easy to work with in creating a funky french. I applied two coats for the look. Also living up to the name, Mr. Wrong is a great color to experiment with.

The polishes were sent to me for review. For more information about Hard Candy products, please visit You can find the entire line of Hard Candy cosmetics and nail polishes at Walmart retail locations and online at There is still time to enter the giveaway for all 16 Hard Candy Just Nails polishes. The giveaway ends in the last available timezone for May 3rd, which roughly correlates to 7 am May 4th for Eastern standard time.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. Love the constellation theme! My mother's favorite color is blue and she collects bears, so this manicure reminds me a bit of her. :) I'm really loving Mr. Right, it looks gorgeous.

  2. ohhhh... weeeeeeeee!! i love on how u used the bear in ur mani...u always made an awesome happy that I made u smile in a very simple way...xoxo Ms. D!!!!

  3. aksdjkjahsdf LOVE the story behind this :D

  4. What a beautiful mani...never thought of those two polishes together but they worked out well :)

  5. oh I love that blue! and the gold with it is something I wouldn't think of but looks awesome! ~Patricia

  6. awesome mani!! omg.. i wish i cud do that. love the stars and the constellation! i really love this.. :D

  7. Wow, those Wisteria are beautiful.

  8. Fantastic! Reminds me of years ago when the navy blue sun/moon theme was in style. I always wanted to have the bedspread and accessories. I never did get them but still love the combination. Love your North Star. Thanks so much for the wisteria. A neighbor had a wisteria tree and I loved it! I haven't seen one probably since I've been to Longwood Gardens.


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