Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bella Sugar eye look: Solstice

Hello ladies,

I put together an eye look today to coordinate with the warm weather. With this mix of orange, copper, yellow and peach, I felt like if I winked I could have created a sunbeam.

The first line shows the color on bare skin. The second is placed over Reviva Labs Makeup Primer.
California Poppy: from the Wildflowers Collection: pale orange with a peachy glow
Buttercup from the Wildflowers Collection: pastel yellow that can be blended for a subtle look or built up to resemble a splash of lemonade.
Hunter Orange: bright, bold orange. Juicy!
Smolder: a warm, coppery brown. A gorgeous neutral.

Glow: a peachy highlight. This looks amazing blended with Sweet Pea over the brow bone. Together they make a pink/peach duochrome.

I am wearing Hunter Orange over the lid and Smolder in the contour and under the eye. California Poppy is on the brow bone and as a highlight in the inner corner. I blended Buttercup with California Poppy to soften the color. California Poppy could easily be worn on the lid instead of Hunter Orange for a less intense sun look.

The products mentioned in this post were sent to me for review. Bella Sugar Cosmetics eye shadows are available for purchase at and their etsy shop. If there are any colors not listed for sale, they will gladly accommodate you if you contact them through e-mail or etsy.

Are there any colors here that are tempting you for the 50% off sale or do you have others in mind? As a reminder, the sale runs through the end of the day Sunday. Check out the details in this post.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. ordered 2-18 color palettes! lol

  2. Dominique: That's awesome! I have an 18 color palette and I love it. I think I would enjoy two even more. ;)

  3. Coppery orangey colours look gorgeous on you :) especially with your eye colour

  4. Silhouette Screams: Thanks! I love orange. I have dark auburn hair too! It looks brown in my profile picture, but it's coppery in real life. I love makeup that picks up on those tones.

  5. Woow those colours look gorgeous!! They're so beautiful for summer ;-)

  6. Golden Wishes: Thank you! They are bright and beautiful shades with lots of intensity. <3

  7. Your eye makeup looks stunning. Brings out the gold flecks in your eyes. I love these shades. I have a palette from Sephora from the Moroccan collection. It contains shades like this. I love it.

  8. Lucy: Thanks so much! You are so good to me. Hot shades are so much fun to experiment with in the summer weather especially. We will be both be having bright, bold eyes this season. <3


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