Friday, June 25, 2010

Chandelier Aglow

Hello ladies,

I have another stunning polish from the Nubar California Dreamin' Collection to share with you: Hollywood Pink. Inspired by the name of this polish, I wanted to create an elegant and modern nail look.

From Bundle Monster plate BM08, I stamped the chandelier image using Konad white special polish. I added a jewel from the Nubar Mirror Gem Wheel. I couldn't resist tipping my nails with silver with the striper brush in the Platinum Nail Art Pen. The photos were taken in a variety of natural light settings. Hollywood Pink glows in every one.

A bee at work in a flower pot.

Hollywood Pink was opaque in two coats. There was an odd occurrence when I applied this polish. After adding a coat of Diamont, the finish temporarily changed to matte. This happened at the very tips and lasted only briefly. Once Hollywood Pink was completely dry, the high gloss one expects with Diamont returned. I honestly don't know if this is a particular application issue with this polish or if it was related to the very high humidity in Philadelphia at the time I was doing my manicure.

Hollywood Pink has the gorgeous pearl finish that is characteristic of the California Dreamin' Collection. I'm really impressed with the beauty of these shades. Each and every color is vibrant and glowing.

Nubar Hollywood Pink, the Platinum Nail Art Pen and the nail jewels were sent to me for review. Hollywood Pink is part of the California Dreamin' Collection. The Platinum Nail Art Pen can be found in the Bejeweled Collection. The crystals are sold in the Mirror Gem Wheel. All of these products can be found at

Stop by the contest post for a chance to win all six polishes in the California Dreamin' Collection plus a summer fun gift pack.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. Hollywood Pink is a good name for this. Looks very elegant on your nails. Good job!

  2. Love hollywood pink and the chandelier :)

  3. Oh boy, do I hope I win, if I don't I'll be buying Mellow Yellow, and this gorgeous pink.

  4. Kimberly: Thanks so much! I am so amazed by the beauty of this collection. <3

    rmcandlelight: Thank you! I have been eyeing the chandelier design since my Bundle Monster plates arrived. It seems right at home with Hollywood Pink.

    Michelle: Best of luck! I still have four colors left to tempt you with. You'll have to keep me updated if your wish list grows over the next week. ;)

  5. This shade of pink is gorgeous! ^^ The chandelier print, the gems and the silver tips just wraps it all together. Elegant and sophisticated goal achieved! c:

  6. Looks very nice and elegant. And I'm loving how you've been doing the tips in your latest designs. Adds a nice touch.

  7. Tipping with silver is much better than with red. :) I really adore this mani, the colours go amazingly well with each other and that pink is divine!

  8. grace: Thanks so much! I am so glad you enjoyed all the design elements. Hollywood Pink is irresistible. <3

    Millie: Thank you! I am mad for stripers. Whenever I have a new set, I am pretty much unstoppable.

    Joan: Thanks! I promised kinder, gentler tipping and here it is. ;) I am so glad you like the manicure.

  9. I like the chandalier and rhinestone detail :)

  10. Such a lovely colour. And I love the chandeliers too, such a cute manicure :)

    I also gave you a blog award, check it out here if you want :)

  11. Great idea, it turned out fabulous!

  12. Omg the placement of the gem on the chandelier stamp is so cute ! ^___^

  13. I love seeing the BundleMonster plates-I feel so overwhelmed by the sheer number of designs, then I see something like this and think "just pick one, look how cute that is!"
    Thanks for the motivation!

  14. I'm really loving these pearl finish polishes. Very pretty shade of pink. I really like the chandelier stamp. Very elegant manicure.


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