Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dandelions, dahlias, chrysanthemums

Hello ladies,

Today I am wearing Dress Rehearsal from the BB Couture for Men Formal Collection. This shade is sage green with a lovely pearl finish. The color seems vintage to me. It reminds me of antique buttons and the leaves on floral party dresses. In menswear, it makes me think of microfiber dress shirts with the subtle sheen to the fabric.

I stamped flowers from Bundle Monster plate BM02 with Konad yellow special polish. Initially, I was imagining dandelions, but thoughts of dahlias and chrysanthemums bloomed in my mind as well. I positioned the stamp to the side on two nails and alternated with centering the design. There are so many ways this image could be placed. I couldn't resist the sunny, golden rhinestones.

The owl ring returns!

I am wearing three coats of Dress Rehearsal, but I think two would suffice for shorter nail lengths. Dress Rehearsal applies fairly easily. You'll want to take some care with application to work with the pearl finish. Brushstrokes aren't too visible once the polish has dried. It is far easier than painting with a frost or a fussy metallic. It's worth the minor additional effort as the finish has a beautiful sheen. This is one of my top picks from the Formal Collection.

Dress Rehearsal was sent to me for review. This color is part of the BB Couture For Men Formal Collection, available at For a chance to win all six colors in the Formal Collection, along with a beauty gift pack, please visit the contest post to enter.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. The colour (BBC) and rings are gorgeous!!

  2. I like how you've alternated the placement of the stamp, it kinda coordinates with how each nail curves :)

  3. That is a nice unique color. I love how you always spruce your nails up with rhinestones :)

  4. I like the yellow flowers. I think sunflowers when i look at them.

  5. i like the green alot actually. It took a little bit to grow on me but I like it alot now:)

    congrats on the giveaway from sawan!

  6. I think it's the perfect look to wear to an outdoors tea party. :)

  7. That is just such a beautiful color, these BB Couture for men are spot on all of them it seems. You lured me into ordering the MonsterBundle plates, very fast shipping and some great patterns. Thank you! (for dragging me deeper into my polish addiction.. ;-D )

  8. Skulda: Thank you so much! I am really enamored with this pearly sage green. <3

    Silhouette Screams: Thanks! I like to occasionally experiment with placement. The flowers that I stamped off center had the pattern end right at the side of the nail. I think I want to try letting the images fall off the nail. In this case, I didn't want to go that far and miss the opportunity for rhinestones. ;)

    Jessica: Thank you! I really love grey toned greens. I have an affinity for rhinestones. I can't keep myself from embellishing. ;)

  9. Enamel Girl: Thanks! What a wonderful thought! This image would be fun to try again with black jewels. <3

    paintedbluestars: Muted greens are an acquired taste, but they can be quite lovely. :)

    Sawan is such a sweetheart. The prize is already en route to me. I am so very excited! Thank you!

    Kimberly: Thanks! We are of like minds. <3

    Polish Pig: Your comment made me smile. I am really enjoying the Formal Collection. I encouraged you to purchase more nail supplies? Mission accomplished. ;)

  10. What a lovely creation!!
    You've done a great job, love your sunflowers they look so pretty. You've just given me an idea.
    Thanks ;-)

  11. This is a nice color and the yellow flower goes really well with it!

  12. I love this collection. I ordered three of the mens collection. I believe I own them all! I was so pleased that there were so many greens. This is a beautiful shade on you. Love the floral design also.

  13. *drool* I love a green, and this one is just so lovely!


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