Sunday, June 13, 2010

Partly sunny with a chance of rain

Hello ladies,

I hope you enjoy my forecast manicure with Nubar Sunset and 2010. The weather in Philadelphia has shifted from bright sun to rain in quick bursts over the past few days. Today I left my apartment with my parasol up and returned holding my rain umbrella overhead.

For this look, I began with Nubar Sunset. I added a stripe with the thin brush included in the Platinum Nail Art Pen. This color is part of the Bejeweled Nail Art Pen Collection. I painted two coats of 2010 to half my nail. I added the raindrop crystal and sealed the manicure with Diamont topcoat. Then I used matte topcoat over the half of the nail with 2010. This manicure is about the play of light, much like the weather.

A butterfly bush. As I was trying to take this photo, an orange butterfly was attracted to my brightly colored scarf and kept trying to land on my back. Every time I turned my head, he would fly off and return again as I shifted my focus. Such a pretty tricker.
In some planting beds in the community garden, there are vegetables growing next to flowers. Beneath the yellow blooms is a patch of kale.

Bees working side by side

Nubar Sunset was the easiest matte polish I ever applied. I have to admit I found it even easier to work with than ManGlaze, which for me had always been the paragon of matte polish. Nubar Sunset was opaque in two coats. It dried very quickly. Do you know how matte polishes can leave subtle lumpy brushstrokes without the most careful application? Not this polish. If you want to try an easy to apply matte, look towards Sunset. It's wonderful.

Sunset is part of the Nubar Night Sky Collection. This polish, the Platinum Nail Art Pen and the raindrop jewels from the Mirror rhinestone wheel were sent to me for review. Nubar products are available at

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. I like the matte over 2010. It creates such an interesting look.

  2. Very pretty. I can't really see the matte part of the nail. Love the finish of these polishes.

  3. this is sooo prettyy! I love the color!!

  4. I love how you come up with your inspiration. This is a very classy look.

  5. Laura: Thank you! It really looks like textured metal. I admit that I have been staring at my nails a lot. ;)

    Lucy: Thanks so much! It is not your imagination. The flakies in 2010 glow so much that even under matte topcoat they seem to sparkle. I had to go with 'partly sunny' in the title.

  6. ANSTAH: Thank you! The Night Sky Collection is amazing. Sunset is definitely a standout. <3

    Kimberly: Thanks! Sunset is such an elegant color. I do find myself relating all kinds of concepts to my nails. ;)

  7. Very beautiful, & play with "texture" is wonderful :)

  8. looking at your shots is always soo refreshing..

  9. This is gawgeous!! Love, Love, Love the nail art and the gold contrasts are amazing!! Great mani!!


  10. oh this i like!!!You are so god at this!!!!

  11. Very different color. I like it!


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