Sunday, June 20, 2010

Reviva Labs Honey and Almond Scrub

Hello ladies,

Today I am going to share my experience with a wonderful exfoliating facial cleanser from Reviva Labs. Their Honey and Almond Scrub offers deep and simultaneously gentle pore cleansing. It helps refine skin texture and lift impurities, resulting in a smoother and clearer complexion.

The natural formula is suitable for all skin types. The recommended usage is two or three times per week for normal to oily complexions and once a week for dry skin. Clearly, I am unable to follow directions because I have been using Honey and Almond Scrub three times a week. I tend to use deeper cleansers more in summer weather.

It's been benefiting my dry skin greatly. The skin on the lower portion of my cheeks, just above the jaw line, tends the most towards dryness. With use of the Honey and Almond Scrub, my skin feels soft and uniform in texture. Regular exfoliation is key for all skin types. For drier skin like mine, clearing away dead cells helps skin more readily absorb ingredients from moisturizers. Oily skins benefit from the deeper pore cleansing, allowing treatments to penetrate the skin and work more effectively.

The ingredients include: glycerin (vegetable based), sorbitol, honey, kaolin, almond meal, oatmeal, bentonite, twincide (preservative) and silica.

I have been really enjoying the clay components in Reviva Labs facial masks and scrubs. The kaolin and bentonite clays help absorb excess oil while loosening debris and removing impurities. The clays are very effective at cleansing the skin of blackheads, especially around the nose. Between use of the Honey and Almond Scrub and the Light Skin Peel, I haven't had to employ pore strips or an extractor.

The ground almonds and oatmeal provide a light texture for exfoliating. The scent of these two ingredients when combined with honey make use of the scrub a sensory experience. The pleasing scent makes it impossible for me to utilize this product only once a week. The overall effectiveness of Honey and Almond Scrub also prompts me to use it regularly and recommend it highly.

Reviva Labs sent me their Honey and Almond Scrub for review. It can be purchased for $7.00 at The site has the older formula pictured. The current formula does not contain peanuts.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. Congratulations Jessica! Thanks Lilly for that awesome drawing!

  2. Oooh sounds like a lovely product. Everything with almonds in it is good in my book :)

  3. I love Honey Almond Scrubs. They smell delicious. I haven't used one in a very long time. I guess I'd better start taking better care of my skin.

  4. ~Elizabeth: Thanks! I'm so glad you liked the drawing. Lily is a sweetie!

    Cel: I love the scent of almonds too! <3

    Elle Sees: Thanks! It's a great product!

    Lucy: I've used other scrubs with almonds. I have to say this particular one is a standout. xoxo!


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