Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bathory Diabolique: Bath Parfait

Hello ladies,

I have been enjoying the Bath Parfait from Bathory Diabolique over the past few weeks. The product is a perfumed soft formula soap that lathers beautifully. The Bath Parfait helps cleanse the skin while maintaining natural moisture balance.

Each Bath Parfait comes wrapped and labeled with the product name and the cute skull logo.
A sweep of dahlias.

The Bath Parfait is simple and enjoyable to use. I start with a dampened (but not dripping) wash cloth and scoop out a small helping. I massage the soap into the washcloth. It dissolves into lather almost instantaneously. I require slightly less product than I would typically use with a traditional shower gel. The Bath Parfait is economical for an artisan soap.

I am really impressed with the formula. It has a high content of shae butter and coconut oil for moisturizing properties. The Bath Parfait cleans with respect to the skin's essential hydration. The formula does not strip the skin of moisture.

The Bath Parfait is also perfect for sensitive skin. My skin is so easily irritated. There are very few liquid or cream soaps that don't cause allergic reactions. I expressed this to the owners of Bathory Diabolique and I was assured that it wouldn't be a problem. Their bath line was developed by a woman with skin sensitivities due to health issues.

As a company they start with food grade ingredients in the making of all their products. Food grade components are the purest available. Instead of using pre-made cosmetic dyes, the Parfaits are shaded with a mixture of primary color dye suitable for food use. As with all handcrafted products, there may be a little color variation from batch to batch.

I tested the following scents:

Xocoatl: The Aztec word for cocoa ours is deep, rich and frothy. So sweet it will make your mouth water as you sink into a steamy bath of “hot chocolate”. What could be more luxurious than a chocolate bath fit for any Aztec queen.

Kharis: the grace - goddess of beauty, splendor, and fruits. One of the Kharites, handmaidens to Aphrodite. Her scent is composed of strawberries, raspberries, mango, blackberry and the slightest touch of citrus.

I love the smell of dark chocolate! Xocoatl is a bliss inducing cocoa fragrance. It isn't sugary like a milk chocolate bar. It has a characteristic richness that makes me think of fine chocolates with a high percentage of cocoa.

Kharis is like a basket of ripe and sensual fruit. For anyone who has ever heated berries on the stove to make a compote, that warm scent of nectar suffusing the air is present in this blend. The fragrance is luscious, rather than candy sweet.

The only complication I encountered with the Bath Parfait is the packaging. While I love the aesthetics of the soap layered in the stemware, I am not convinced it is wholly practical. Care has to be taken to keep the product away from the flow of water in the shower.

The Bath Parfait would be easy to transfer into another container with a lid if it better suits the needs of your household. The consistency is similar to scooping ice cream. As a single person, I have no problems with it. I would be more concerned with most small children and some grown men not used to handling luxury bath products. I spoke with the owners and they are considering redesigning the packaging.

I have had such a great experience working with Bathory Diabolique. As a company, they are open to hearing my ideas and listening to feedback from readers. When I mentioned that many readers of painted Lady fingers really like fruit scents, the company created Ch'an-go, Kharis, Lectisternium and Pomponal for us.

Bathory Diabolique is a family run business. I have corresponded with everyone involved. Their teenage daughter communicated with me that she skin tested all of the fruit blends and made notes on her arms of the fragrances in process and helped with the final selections.

When I expressed that I prefer to have a full month to test products before writing reviews, I was provided with samples of the Bath Parfait and Scrubs well in advance. As much as I have enjoyed the products I have tried so far, I really think their service and attention deserves special mention.

I am really pleased with the Bath Parfait. I will definitely be placing an order in the future. I really want to try the Pin Up, Pomponal and Vajrayogini fragrances. Lathering up with the aroma of roses, ambrosial nectar or spices sounds quite decadent to me.

The Parfait Soaps in Xocoatl and Kharis were provided for my consideration. Bathory Diabolique products can be found at The company has set up a separate site where readers of painted Lady fingers can receive 10% off their purchases instantly. Shop at to receive the 10% off reader discount. For a chance to win a parfait soap and an assortment of bath products, stop by the Bathed, Perfumed, and Polished Giveaway to enter.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. sounds like a fantastic product! I may have to try this!

  2. Bhevarri: The Bath Parfait is a great find. Testing two just made me want more!

  3. Aurora's Nails: I recommend it highly. I am most amazed by the beauty of the fragrance. They do all of their own blending on site. <3

  4. I just got my order from Bathory Diabolique in the mail today which includes a parfait. I can't wait to try it tomorrow. I got the Hypnos scent. I'll post my review here after I try it. I've been using their scrubs for a few weeks now too and they are awesome!! Super moisturizing.

  5. I love the idea of the Bath Parfait. I was also wondering how I could store the product and not get water in it. I take showers all the time so I love shower gels. Nice that this company really takes suggestions. I prefer florals rather than fruit fragrances. When I was younger I like fruits more. My tastes have really changed.

  6. Lisa: I am so interested in hearing your thoughts about the Hypnos Parfait. I am curious about the scent. I am excited to review the scrubs. My feet are so soft!

    Lucy: You could either place a lid over top or transfer the parfait into a tupperware container. The top of the stemware is level so it would be easy to put a small lightweight plate or lid on top. I don't use a lid but I keep mine off to the side away from the flow of water.

    The Pin Up fragrance is a gorgeous rose. I have a bath cupcake with the scent. I think you would love the fragrance. <3

  7. Sounds great, I love companies that practice good customer service! That is the most important thing to me. The scents sound delicious as well.

  8. I tried my Hypnos parfait this morning. It is AWESOME!!! I scooped out a good tablespoon and put it directly on my skin. It lathered lightly and made my skin feel really soft. I'll have to try Diana's method of using a washcloth too and see if that makes more bubbles. I'll definitely be ordering more of this.


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