Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Golden flowering tree

Hello ladies,

The forest green shade on my nails is one of the new colors from the upcoming Diamond Cosmetics Fall Collection. Under the Willow Tree is a dark green polish with a creme formula. It is not a twin to Nars Zulu, but it is a lovely polish in it's own right. This is one of my top picks from the collection.

I created a manicure to echo the fall of golden flowers that make the city pavement glow with a yellow-green hue. I believe these flowers are from locust trees. With Konad apple green princess polish, I stamped the leaf image from Bundle Monster plate BM05. Where the stem meets the leaves, I positioned golden flower rhinestones.

Do you ever wonder what I do when I want to take polish photos and the community garden is closed? Come with me as I stroll about downtown Philadelphia with my camera.

I paused in front of a flower pot a few blocks from my apartment.

Even though the front gate was locked, I was able to walk along the garden perimeter and take pictures outside the main fence. The lilies are still fresh with rain.

On the way to the post office, I was intrigued by purple blooms and ferns that cascaded over a slate wall.

I walked through the Medicinal Plant Garden at the Mutter Museum and confounded a few visitors.
Camouflage amidst the yarrow.
My owl ring makes another appearance.

I really loved the application of Under the Willow Tree. The consistency was slightly thinner than other creme polishes I have tried from their line. The color was perfectly opaque in two coats. It went on easily with very little cleanup.

If you are a green lover or appreciate an interesting vampy shade, Under the Willow Tree is worth adding to your wish list. It's a gorgeous on trend green for fall. The Diamond Cosmetics Fall Collection does not yet have a release date. When more information is available, I will certainly share the details.

Under the Willow Tree was sent to me for review by Diamond Cosmetics. This shade is part of the Ladies' Choice of Diamonds Anniversary Giveaway. Stop by the contest post for a chance to win a total of 12 polishes and one nail treatment product. Best of luck!

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. OOh! I love your nails and the purple flowers :)

  2. Spaceinvaders: Thank you! I love how purple and green look together. <3

  3. Ohh, that looks lovely together! They really do complement your skin nicely.

    I wanted to let you know that I've followed you on GFC, and I've added your blog to my blogroll at I really enjoy reading your blog, and your manicures are inspiring. Thanks for doing what you do!

  4. i love how you incorporate the flora in your posts as well as the occassional fauna. :O)
    rainkissed petals are the best. thanks for sharing.

  5. Your nail design is perfect and I so miss growing yarrow

  6. I love it! Probably the most unique flower manicure I've ever seen as far as coloring.

  7. I love the green leaves against that color.
    Super cute.


  8. I love the nail art on this one! I love all of your nail art! It's always so understated and never too busy!

  9. I love how you incorporate nature into your nail photos, your blog is very special, and unique because of that!

  10. Pretty flowers and pretty nails! I really love that green colour.

  11. ahaha-my grandma came in and-without her glasses on- asked "what is that, a cucumber?" No, but I must admit, the color is strikingly similar to a dark cucumber *laugh*

  12. Laynie: Thanks so much! I am so glad you like the manicure and are enjoying your visits. Thanks for giving me your blog link. Layniefingers is now on my blogroll. :)

    1xellus1: Thanks! We've had so much rain here the past week. I love how delicate the droplets look on the petals. Fauna seems to delight in posing around me. I am happy to share the amusement.

    peripatetic33: Thank you! I love sharing the flowers with you. :)

  13. Thank you so much for all of the wonderful floral photos. To a person who doesn't get out it's like manna from Heaven. I also love the design. This would be perfect for Christmas for the poinsettia bloom.

  14. Wow, that's a really pretty color and the purple flowers are gorgeous! I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the colors in the DC fall collection.

  15. Oh wow I love this color! Does this polish look black in low light?

  16. Zara: Thank you! I was thinking about these flowering trees at night. The flowers are such bright yellow, they are aglow even under the street lights. I wanted to start with a dark base color. I'm glad you like the manicure!

    Laura: Thank you! I love doing tone on tone stamping manicures. <3

    Starlight: Thanks so much! For everyday wear, I just like a little embellishment. <3

    aoana: Thanks! I really appreciate your sweet comment.

    Michelle: Thank you! I love being outside and enjoying the enchantment of the flora and fauna. Adding my nails to nature scenes amuses me. :)

  17. Serena: Thanks! Under the Willow Tree is my favorite shade from the Fall Collection.

    Kara: I love your grandma! Please give her a hug from me. Her color comparison made my night. <3

    Lucy: Thank you so much! I often think about you when I take pictures of flowers. It would be easy to swap the yellow jewels for red to make this manicure festive. <3

  18. whateveramber: Thanks! I have nail art plans for the rest of the collection. I am especially excited to try Sunset in Sedona. I love how simultaneously vibrant and delicate the purple flowers are. :)

    bellebathandbeyond: Under the Willow Tree is one of my top picks from the collection. The shade is definitely a vampy. It's not as dark as the almost black shades from OPIs Russian Collection. You can tell it's green in most natural light.

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