Friday, July 9, 2010

Reviva Labs: Light Cream Sun Protective Moisturizer

Hello ladies,

I will share my most valuable beauty secret with you. I wear sunscreen on my face and neck every day all year round. Even if the forecast were for a hurricane, I would still apply a moisturizer with sunscreen under my makeup. I will not walk outside of my apartment with anything less than SPF 15 on my face. I have followed this regime since I was 12 years old. It's never too late to start protecting your skin.

I have used countless brands of facial sunscreens and I can attest that Light Cream Sun Protective Moisturizer from Reviva Labs is a quality product. Not only does it keep my fair skin from burning, it also functions as a moisturizer and skin treatment.

These lilies make me think of starfish.

The Sun Protective Moisturizer contains an SPF of 25. This is perfect for daily use in the warmer weather when the sun is more intense. In late April, I switch from using a moisturizer with SPF 15 to a higher SPF of 25 0r 30. I typically return to SPF 15 products in late October. The reason for this is that higher SPF moisturizers tend be thicker in consistency. The Sun Protective Moisturizer has an easily absorbing cream formula that is compatible with applying makeup. I will likely end up using this product all year round.

One of the things I love about the Sun Protective Moisturizer is it does not irritate my sensitive eyes. Many other sunscreens contain ingredients that cause my eyes to sting and tear if I rub or touch my them after application. I have been using this product daily for the past few weeks and had no such problems.

You can apply Sun Protective Moisturizer like any traditional day cream. The only difference is you will want to wait 15 minutes before going outside for the SPF 25 to be working optimally.

The active ingredients are UV-A and UV-B sunscreens: Cinoxate and Benzophenone-3. Other ingredients include: purified water, caprylic/capric triglyceride, glycerin, glyceryl stearate, PEG-100 stereate, egg oil, simethicone, methyl cellulose, aloe extract, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate and citric acid.

Sun Protective Moisturizer is intended as a daily sunscreen and not as an SPF for a beach excursion. It contains some really wonderful moisturizing ingredients that wouldn't withstand the heat or the sun intensity without a lot of reapplication. It wouldn't be a practical choice for the beach. The only other time I prefer a beach type sunscreen that's thicker and drier is on highly humid days where the temperature is in the upper 90s.

I highly recommend Reviva Lab's Sun Protection Moisturizer for daily application to hydrate and shield your skin. Always remember: there is never a day when you step outside your door that you don't need to protect your face from the sun.

Light Cream Sun Protective Moisturizer was sent to me for review. This product is available for purchase at for $10.

I am going to check on offering this sunscreen for an upcoming giveaway. It's a wonderful product and I would love the opportunity to share it with a lucky reader like you.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. I didn't realize how damaging the sun was until a friend of mine was burned on a gray day. I now were moisturizer that contains sunblock on a daily basis.

  2. Enamel Girl: While I am sorry for your friend's experience, I am glad it made a habit of daily sunscreen application for you. What will be most amazing is how good your skin will look a decade from now. <3

  3. I'm the same way...I'm over the top when it comes to sunscreen. My friends call me crazy but I don't want to damage my skin or increase my risk of skin cancer. Premature aging and orange leathery skin aren't something I want either!

  4. Serena: Oh good! It's so nice to read about others being vigilant with sun protection. Friends who stay with you over the years will see the difference in your skin compared to other people your age. I'm hoping they will understand the value in your routine sooner than later. You are doing the best thing for your skin.

  5. I use products that have sunscreen in them. I think many of the better products seem to have sunscreens in them. I believe my Laura Geller makeup does also. I never sit in the sun as my medication makes me sun sensitive. I don't for any reason. I'm sure you'll find that people will have better looking skin as they get older.

  6. Great review! Good to hear that it absorbs easily as I wear makeup often. I wear sunscreen religiously in summer but I am very bad and don't wear it everyday during winter =( thanks for the post to remind me!


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