Saturday, July 3, 2010

The sea of stars

Hello ladies,

Happy 4th of July to all those celebrating! I wanted to create a starry manicure for the occasion. My thoughts wandered afar from patriotism to considering the movement of starlight over the ocean.

I began with Nubar Mali Blue as the base. With Konad white special polish, I stamped the star image from Bundle Monster plate BM14. I reversed the pattern to create a wave formation of stars. I layered one coat of 2010 over the turquoise glitter in Sky Sparkle. I then placed a star jewel from the Mirror Gem Wheel at the end of each trail. My tips are aglow.

Nubar 2010

Nubar Sky Sparkle

The fragrance of these lilies is exquisite.

Look who I met on the garden path! A baby bunny. She was so small I could easily have placed her in my palm. I wanted to give her kisses and put her in a teacup.

Mali Blue looked best with three coats on my long nails. The formula in all the polishes from the California Dreamin' Collection polishes is consistent. I believe two coats would be optimal for shorter nail lengths. The pearl finish showed brushstrokes during application and they softened as the color dried. I love the glow of these shades!

Nubar Mali Blue, Sky Sparkle, 2010 and the star crystals were sent to me for review. These products can be purchased at

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. Awww what a cute bunny!!!!

    Your nails are gorgeous as always.
    In my dashboard picture it looked like you were placing your hand on a beach stone. This manicure really reminds me of the sea :)

  2. I love this mani heaps! The colour is just a marvellous blue; gosh I love blue. And all the Nubar colours you've shown so far are spectacular! That tiny bunny is adorable. :)

  3. Love the stars. Simple but effective. That little bunny doesn't look real - looks like a toy! Adorable.

  4. Beautiful manicure. That California Collection has some stunning shades in it. The bunny is adorable. Looks like a little toy. The flowers are so beautiful. I had a friend I worked with that grew lilies. He bought me in a bouquet once. There were so many different varieties and shades. The fragrance was beautiful but overpowering. I had to put the vase in another room so I could breathe!

  5. Bunnnnnnny! :D Love the mani too, the star gems just give it a perfect touch!

  6. Cute design and what a cutiepie bunny you found there :D

  7. This shade is beautiful!!! Awwww what a cute bunny! She looks so tiny!

  8. GORGEOUS FLOWERS!!! wow!!!!


  9. That's a beautiful blue and that bunny is adoreable!

    Happy 4th!!!!

  10. mali- blue looks gorgeous on your nails :D

  11. Very simple and still beautiful. :)

  12. Love this mani - Love the color!

  13. I always look forward to you posts because I love how you incorporate the flowers in with the posing. The bunny...ooohhhaaaaahhhh!

  14. That bunny is just too cute! ^_^ And gorgeous nails as always! I love the sparkly blue effect! c:

  15. I like how simple this is! It works really well. Nice!! :D

  16. Sarah B. : Thanks so much! I love soft blues and patterns that remind me of the flow of water. Bunnies are among my favorite animals. <3

    Joan: Thank you! When I put looks together, I often think about who among my readers would most enjoy them. I knew this would be one of your picks. Encountering that little bunny made me so happy. :)

    Millie: Thanks! I'm glad this manicure has an effortless look about it. I ended up putting a lot of different elements together. I am happy it flowed. My little bunny friend is certainly toy sized. <3

  17. Lucy: Thank you! I really have enjoyed reviewing the California Dreamin' Collection. I still have to show the orange. It's one of those collections I wish could go on forever. My cat Moon had loved to eat lilies. I couldn't bring them into my home for many years lest she have a belly full of petals and a face full of pollen. :)

    Tinna: Many thanks! *curtseys*

    Robyn: Thanks so much! I so wanted to put that bunny in my pocket. I love adding little gems to my nails. <3

    rijaH: Thank you! I hope I get to see the little bunny again. <3

  18. Wow, amazing manicure, I can never do my own well enough. Thanks so much for linking to my giveaway :)

  19. wow, I really like how all the the stars seem to connect to make a pattern =] Really cool, and a pretty manicure!

  20. 'chelle: Thank you! Mali Blue is such a standout shade. The bunny was so sweet and tiny! I couldn't believe how close she let me come to her. <3

    Brooke: Thanks! The community garden at the end of my street has so many treasures. I love walking through there. It's different every day. I hope you had a happy holiday too. xoxo!

    Enamel Girl: Thank you! I hope you had a relaxing holiday. I feel like I had two things I loved in one location: a bunny and blue polish. ;)

    amusedPolish: Thanks so much! You know how much I love sparkle and unique finishes. :)

  21. bellebathandbeyond: Thanks! I am glad it looked simple and calm to the eye. I combined a few different techniques and am pleased to hear the softness I was intending came across. <3

    BeautyJudy: Mali Blue is a Beauty Judy blue if I ever saw one. ;)

    Kimberly: Thank you! I love sticking my nose, my hands and my camera as close to the blooms as possible. I have such a great time photographing my manicures. I am so glad you enjoy the presentation. I will give a subtle hint that there may be more bunnies hopping through my posts come early fall. ;)

  22. grace: Thank you! There is nothing like a baby bunny to induce instant happiness. Blue and sparkles together is like magic. :)

    Silhouette Screams: That was the reaction I had too!

    Laynie: Thank you! I am glad all the different elements worked together so cleanly. :)


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