Thursday, July 8, 2010

Silk and mirrors

Hello ladies,

Today I am wearing a beautiful amethyst foil polish with glass flecked shimmer. Vaso from the Nubar Venetian Glass Collection is aglow on my nails. I wanted to create a feel of luxury and enchantment. I was thinking about an ornate mirror hung over silk wallpaper.

I stamped the Celtic spiral image from Bundle Monster plate BM01 using Konad green special polish. A mirror diamond was placed in the center of the design. I added four sage green metallic spheres to accent each nail. The diamonds were a gift from the beautiful Laura from Sawan and the spheres came from Bundle Monster.

The beauty of Vaso tries to overtake my embellishments in some of the photos. I am content to give this amazing polish the sunlit stage.

A close up to show detail. In real life, the spirals are subtle but clear. They are more distinct than the camera will capture.

I love these white butterflies that seem to be flitting about everywhere.
A butterfly on a butterfly bush, all things in their place.

Look who I saw under the grape arbor! A bunny!

I ended up painting three coats of Vaso. I'm not convinced it needs more than two. I think I was so enamored with the color, I kept the brush going. The application was dreamy. Yes, this is what polish should be.

Vaso was sent to me for review. This shade can be found within the Venetian Glass Collection at For a limited time, Nubar is offering a free Foundation Base Coat and Diamont Top Coat with purchase of the Venetian Glass Collection.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. I love it, and that bunny looks so cute :D

  2. This polish is stunning and i really loved it but i'm very impressed with the beauty of your garden!!!

  3. Really beautiful and delicate mani!! OT: I love that bunny!

  4. Vaso is gorgeous! I love all the pretty plants in the background of your pictures.

  5. Doo: Thank you! You expressed exactly what I was going for with the color choice and the design. <3

    amusedPolish: Thanks so much! I thought of you when I was painting my nails. Vaso has a unique finish you would love. Bunnies make me so happy. :)

    Cah_nossoviccio: Thank you! Vaso is an impressive polish. The flowers and the bunny are from a community garden at the end of my street. Many of the gardeners are my neighbors. I love showcasing the beauty they cultivate. I walk through the garden almost every day. I am so glad you enjoy the blooms as well. <3

  6. Twister: Thanks so much! <3

    Tassa: You are sweet. Thank you!

    smALtY: Thank you! I appreciate your kind words. I adore bunnies too! They are among my favorite animals.

    Serena: Thank so much! I am loving Vaso too! I enjoy incorporating Nature with my nail photos during the growing season. I love sharing the beautiful flowers I encounter. <3

  7. I like the mirror look of the lilac polish. Your embellishments add to the beauty.

    Butterflies and adorable is that!!!

  8. Kimberly: Thanks so much! The Venetian Glass Collection has truly beautiful finishes. I can't wait to try them all! I love little my garden friends.

  9. I mean my little garden friends...who I love a lot. :)

  10. If I saw this colour in store first without having seen your swatches, I wouldn't think twice about the colour and end up not buying it because it looks so plain and not my kind of colour. But after seeing it on your blog...pretty!! :) A lovely lavendar.

    You and your blog inspire so many lemmings, it's not good for me or my wallet! :P

  11. Joan: I'm so glad you like the color. One of my favorite things about Nubar is their finishes. A glass flecked foil! How amazing is that? They can take a simple pale color and turn it into something radiant and eye catching. All I pretty much do is look for flowers and follow bunnies around. There may be a little lemming creating along the way. ;)

  12. Another elegant masterpiece! c: I love this shade! And the Venetian Glass Collection does look amazing! I'll be looking forward to your reviews on the other colors! ^^

  13. A Red Admiral butterfly - they are my favourites! You take the best photos!

  14. grace: Thanks so much! I am so glad you enjoyed this creation. I am especially looking forward to wearing the green and the two golds. Gorgeous polish!

    Rebecca: How wonderful! I see Red Admiral butterflies often. One landed at my feet on the walk in Rittenhouse Square. I crouched down and watched it open and close its wings for a few minutes. So lovely! Insects and animals seem to like posing for me. :)

  15. I love those glass flecked foils. I'm beginning to think they're my favorite type of polish. I do love glitters though. Nail polish is just so beautiful. I love it all. This is a lovely shade. I also love the celtic design. The garden with it's flowers is just enchanting. Your little friend is adorable.

  16. Every time I check your blog I feel as if I've strolled through a Botanical Garden. I love the flowers as much as the nails! Terrific pictures, thanks for all your work!

  17. i really want to try nubar. very pretty!


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