Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Squirrel Moon

Hello ladies,

Thinking about the course of my life, I can name certain constants. One of which would be squirrels. Throughout much of my childhood, my room faced a tall oak tree. I could see the feisty acrobatics of squirrels through my bedroom window. They would leap from light branches with the surety of circus performers on a tightrope.

Squirrels were omnipresent on my college campus, so much so that a familiar joke was the squirrels would start an uprising as we slept. I used to live a close walk from Independence Park in Philadelphia. This is the Historic District often pictured in books and postcards. I would sit on an Indian tapestry near Carpenter's Hall with a novel.

There was a friendly squirrel who liked to share carrot walnut muffins with me. He would take pieces of food directly from my hand. Eventually I would give him the paper muffin cup. He would run off and sit at a safe distance, enjoy the last tiny bites until the paper was shredded. It was understood that I would clean up after him.

I promise to capture some squirrel antics for you in the future. For today I offer this manicure. I began with one of the new shades from the Diamond Cosmetics Fall Collection: Sunset in Sedona. Using Konad black gold Princess polish, I stamped squirrels from fauxnad plate H21. I added a golden crescent Moon to each nail. In every place I have ever lived, there has always been a squirrel on a branch looking at the Moon. There is your bit of whimsy for the day.

My owl ring is masquerading as a pineapple next to the golden flower.

I am loving this shade. Sunset in Sedona is a red brown creme. The polish was easily opaque in two coats. The creme formula from Diamond Cosmetics seems to be improving. The cremes from the Fall Collection go on a little smoother than those from past releases. Sunset in Sedona had near perfect application.

Sunset in Sedona was sent to me for review. This color is part of the upcoming Diamond Cosmetics Fall Collection. I will post release date information when it becomes available. US residents can purchase Diamond Cosmetics polishes from If you are an international reader, I have purchasing options listed in this post. For a chance to win 12 polishes from Diamond Cosmetics plus your choice of a treatment product, check out the Ladies' Choice of Diamonds Anniversary Giveaway.

Image design plate H21 was sent for my consideration. For a full selection of stamping nail art image plates, check out Please visit the Pick Your Plates at Chez-Delaney giveaway for an opportunity to win eight design plates of your choice. Best of luck!

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. cute story squirrels are meanies too - ? did you name him rocky(ha-ha)--anyways nice mani and your nails are so luxe and long .i like

  2. I love this! The color is perfect. I'm partial to squirrels and I currently feed a troop of them in my backyard. :D

  3. aaminah's mom: I never named the little guy. Rocky is a good standard squirrel name. Thank you for the compliments on my nails and the look of the day.

    cupcakequeen22: Thanks so much! That's so nice that you have a gathering of squirrels at mealtimes. How sweet!

  4. Oh my! A squirrel stamp?! That's the cutest thing ever.

    I really like how the polish looks brown in some lights and orangish in others.

  5. Teehee! Those are too cute, and perfect for your squirrel-friend story.


  6. hahaha I love squirrels! You picked the perfect color for this really reminds me of squirrels!

  7. oooh my gosh.. this is a really cute manicure. the squirrel is perfect. This is the mani you go wear when you go hiking or something.. haha

    man squirrels are kind of everywhere... and crazy on my campus. they started attacking little, they put them on squirrel birth control.. :-(.

  8. whateveramber: Thanks! This manicure makes me so happy. Sunset in Sedona is an interesting color. It's a deep terra cotta in some lights and looks like chocolate in others.

    Laura: Thank you! I had to have the squirrel design plate. <3

    Aurora's Nails: Thanks! I can't tell you how delighted I was when I received the design plate and the polish. I knew what had to be done. ;)

    Pretty: Thanks so much! Only a true polish lover plans a hiking manicure. ;)

    I honestly wonder about the parenting in those situations or if the squirrels were sick. So strange! I hope the kids were all okay.

  9. Oh, those squirrels are adorable :D

    it makes me think of the ones I saw when I was little :)

  10. I love the squirrels! I may have to try something like that. :)

  11. awwwwww
    if i had to choose one nail polish to wear i don't think i could
    if i had to choose one nail polish bog to read it would be yours

    have you read any Barry Lopez or Bernd Heinrich?

  12. So sweet! I love the squirrel and the polish color together. Just perfect!

  13. Your mani is really cute today! I love squirrels too. My bf and I watch the critters around his apartment and keep tabs on the little baby squirrels in a nest perched right outside his apt.

  14. That is a beautiful shade. Also love that squirrel stamp. There's a gully with lots of trees between my apartment building and the next. It's the back view and there are tons of squirrels running around. Sometimes I just watch them while I'm typing. Some are really bold and climb up on the paito screen. I don't dare open it because it would run right in. We throw out bread and other food for them. This manicure is a great tribute to them.

  15. omgosh, this is so adorable! I love squirrels!
    And this colour pairs so nicely with them & their acorns! :)

  16. I have never seen squirrels painted on nails--it is too cute!


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