Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Big Image Plate at Chez Delaney: more than 220 designs!

Hello ladies,

I want to share news about the availability of a new image plate at Chez-Delaney. You can view a video on YouTube that shows the designs without the blue protective film. Although the narration is in French, the features of the plate are displayed visually.

The Big Plate measures approximately 10 by 12 inches (25 by 30 centimeters).

The Big Plate offers over 220 images including a large proportion of popular full nail and French tip designs. For the quantity of the designs, the plate is reasonably priced at 80 euros. The current conversion rate to US dollars at the time of this post is about $105.

Are any of you ladies tempted? I would like to see another big plate with images that aren't similar to Konad. I love the idea of having so many designs at a glance.

As a reminder, today is the final day to enter the Bathed, Perfumed and Polished Giveaway. The last available timezone translates to approximately 8 a.m. EST August 11th. Please stop by the contest post to enter.

The Pick Your Plates at Chez-Delaney Giveaway is running through August 14th. Although the Big Plate isn't part of the giveaway, the winner will have the opportunity to select eight standard size nail art stamping plates of her choice from chez-delaney.com.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. oh wow, that is cool and very reasonable. i wonder what the measurements are?

  2. I'd get it if I hadn't seen the many repeats of Konad images all over that plate. I have a decent number of Konad plates, and I can't justify over 100$ on a plate that has nearly identical images to the ones I already have. Were there another plate out with more creative designs, I'd definitely be putting that plate into my budget. :)

  3. It looks really intriging, but I do wonder about the legality of it all considering that all the images (as far as I can tell) are images that have been taken from Konad plates

  4. Holy cow! I definitely want. Thank you for showing this.

  5. Wonderful!!
    How great and how many designs you have! :D

  6. Mai, I have some of those plates, they are not copyright infringements, they are unique and different from Konad.
    There are similarities, but by my comparison when I bought them through the German company - who sells the same ones as CD - they are different.

    And equally gorgeous!

    I'd love to have that big plate!

  7. That's an amazing assortment of stamps! I really should try to use my Konad. I've had that kit for a long while. Love the sunflower.

  8. I think I'd rather buy seperate plates. I LOVE the leaf plate that they offer with the veins, that isn't on there, and I love the halloween themed plates which are also missing. Not for me, unfortunately. :(

  9. I would also like to know what size that huge plate is!


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