Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Blue Moon

Hello ladies,

Today I created a cosmic manicure with Borghese Stellare Notte. The Blue Moon occurs when there are two full Moons in a single calendar month. What is on my nails is not wholly accurate to what can be observed in the heavens. Perhaps we could use an extra Blue Moon this year. That is your whimsy for the day.

With Konad pastel blue special polish, I stamped the Moon and stars design from image plate B22. I am really impressed with the plates I received from chez-delaney. I find the quality more consistent than the Bundle Monster set. The variety of images is inspiring. I placed blue holographic stars from Art Club to coordinate with the Blue Moon.

There seems to be a little green friend amidst the orange petals.
Look who came in for a landing! I am never alone in the garden.

The violet duochrome is brought out by the pink flowers.

The elusive groundhog plays peek-a-boo.
He ran up the hill after a gardener clogged nearby. He turned and looked right at me before departing. We will finish our game yet, fine sir.

Borghese Stellare Notte is a gorgeous duochrome. Reflecting green and violet purple, the polish looks like a beetle flying by. The application was simple. It took two coats for perfect opacity. This polish can still be found tucked into displays at drug stores or Ulta locations. I really wish Borghese would make Stellare Notte part of their core line.

For a chance to win a bottle of Borghese Stellare Notte along with a handmade pendant and beauty gift pack, please visit the Bathed, Perfumed and Polished Giveaway.

Design plate B22 was sent to me for consideration. For the full line of nail art stamping image plates, please visit Would you like the opportunity to win eight stamping plates of your choice? Stop by the Pick Your Plates at Chez-Delaney Giveaway.

The blue holographic stars are new additions to the Art Club sprinkles line scheduled for fall release. These were sent to me for review.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. I just love this design!!! The little bug, Bumble bee and groundhog are great additions to your garden. :D

  2. This design is gorgeous. I love that moon stamp!

  3. Just LOVE this one Diana! Of course anything moon and stars I'm instantly drawn to. Look at that cute groundhog!

  4. Very pretty! I love the groundhog pic. I'm always really quiet when I take short cuts through the park in hopes of seeing a rabbit or a groundhog. Fascinated by the Fauna of the Keystone State. :O) Thanks for sharing

  5. hello
    very very nice nail design
    you have a really pretty blog
    i added you to my blogroll
    if you don't mind, please put me to your blogroll
    thanks ^_^

  6. Gorgeous mani, love the colors you picked as well.

  7. Gorgeous !
    I love that image the best though ! How on earth do you manage to not smudge them ? Soaking them in water ? Or using those instant dry sprays ?

  8. I really love todays manicure- Stellare Notte is my only Borghese but probably my favourite polish from them :)

  9. haha groundhog! That's such a pretty manicure...I love the image of moons like that!

  10. lovely mani!!! i can imagine you like the plates ;) what beautiful flowers you`ve used again as well

  11. wow amazingg chose apt colors.
    your nails are so perfect !!

  12. that park is just too cool you never know who you'll be sharing it with from tiny praying mantis to well fed groundhog

  13. Gorgeous!!

    & do I see a bee?? RUN!!

  14. Your pics are so pretty. I love the mani.

  15. Super Pretty the colors are great!!!

  16. I adore anything with moons and stars. I remember some years ago when that pattern was everywhere. I'm glad now that I didn't buy all of the bedding and accessories. I think I would've grown tired of it. A very whimsical manicure. Love the groundhog photo. I only see it on those dumb lottery commercials.

  17. Love the mani especially since it features a celestial theme! =)

  18. Those are really really cute! And as usual, great pictures!

  19. Okay, now I can't stop singing Blue Moon in my head. lol. ^^ Nails are amazing as usual! c:


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