Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ladies' Choice of Diamonds Anniversary Giveaway Winner!

Hello ladies!

It is time to select the winner for the Ladies' Choice of Diamonds Anniversary Giveaway!

Allow me to introduce our discerning judge, Hans: the lion headed rabbit.

Within a ring of lettuce and beneath a shredded carrot are 836 hand written contest entries.

Here comes Hans!

Hans sizes up the task.

Lettuce and a lion's mane.

Hans was prepared to crunch through stems.
And wear a piece of carrot like a mustache. Such a formidable disguise!

He was also willing to eat carrots the old fashioned way, for all to see.

Climbing on the plate proved advantageous.

Hans tipped the plate a bit to further mix the entries.

He makes his way across.

Tirelessly consuming carrot pieces to reveal the names beneath.
Hans approaches a decision.
With a final bite of carrot, he pushes a name to the front.

The winner is *Fleur*!
Hans relaxes after the tough decision making...

and settles into sleep, perhaps dreaming of more carrots and good luck.

Congratulations, Fleur! You can read a little more about Fleur at her blog: Fleur's nails & stuff. She's a Slovenian beauty with fine manicure skills and lovely blue eyes.

Many thanks to Diamond Cosmetics for sponsoring this giveaway. There are still two more giveaways left for the Anniversary Celebration. The first of these will appear this weekend.

A special thanks to my niece Shannon for offering her bunny, Hans, to select the winner. Shannon proved to be an adept photographer's assistant as well. Thanks to my sister Claire for help with lighting and preparation.

The drawing for the Bathed, Perfumed and Polished Giveaway will commence next week.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. I love how you pick winners! So cute! ^-^

  2. These always make me laugh out loud! Congrats!

  3. Oh my, I love rabbits so much! He reminded me of the rabbit girl I used to have...
    Congrats to the winner!

  4. ~Lisa: Thanks so much! I love animals as random generators. <3

    Janna: I'm so glad. I have such a good time putting the drawings together.

    Daria: That's sweet! I had a bunnies too when I was a child. I am so very tempted to get one now. :)

  5. Thank you so much! I can see already I'll have a hard time choosing:)

    And thanks to the lovely bunny as well:)

  6. Grats Fleur! :)

    And I love the way you choose winners, cute bunny this time :)

  7. Congrats Fleur and thanks Hans for helping :)

  8. this post really made me laugh, Hans is just uber cute!! congratulations Fleur!

  9. that is such a good way to pick the winner haha! xxx

  10. Awwww, that´s sooooo sweeet :o)

  11. Fleur, that is awesome!!! Congrats! :D

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  13. Awww Hans is so cute!! Congrats Fleur!

  14. Congratulations Fleur! The bunny is ADORABLE! Thanks for sharing

  15. Congraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaats!!! <3 The rabbit is sooo cute! <3

  16. Oh my goodness, that bunny is SO cute! Congratulations Fleur!

  17. Love the bunny! Hans puffy cheeks are adorable! I have a dwarf rabbit named Harvey. It took about four years for me to get him to eat carrots, lettuce, or anything fresh. He only wanted to eat his pellets and timothy hay. Every other rabbit owner I've talked to says their rabbits love the fresh veggies and hate hay and pellets. Harvey loves parsley, carrots and lettuce now, but he's still very stubborn about trying anything new.

  18. Congrats to Fleur! You make choosing the winner so much fun to see. Bunnies are so adorable. I had one once but he kept escaping the cage. The real problem besides the pooping all over was the eating of any cords. He chewed through the answering machine cord and started on the telephone cord. So afraid he'd be electrocuted. He got out of the door one day and escaped. I'm afraid my Father did that. Whenever he didn't like an animal, cats, they'd disappear. He either took them to the Navy Yard where they'd be fed by all of the workers there. Or they'd be let out of the door. We had an acre of ground so I don't know where they would get to. When I got a bit older and found out what he did I threw a big fit! No more disappearing animals.

  19. Hans is Handsome!!!

    And big congrats to Fleur!!!!

  20. Hello Diana, this blog is stealing your content and some from other blogs, if I'm not mistaken. If you gave them permission or you're a contributor, please ignore my warning =)

  21. Hans is SO cute! You have the best methods of choosing winners ever. If only my feline companion would be so amenable. Congrats to Fleur!

  22. Aw. Hans is adorable. I love how his ears are perked up in a couple of pictures.


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