Sunday, August 8, 2010

The white hind

Hello ladies,

I was thinking today about the mythical white hind that transports seekers into the deepest woods. The white hind is a beautiful doe. Following her into the trees evokes a spiritual wanderlust and marks the beginning of a quest. The white hind (doe) and the white hart (buck) appear throughout myths and faery tales. The white hind also is the subject of poetry. Here is the second stanza from the Danish poem by Jonas Hallgrimsson entitled After the Ball:

And now I plunge through the woods, my mind
distracted, at sixes and sevens,
seeking my white, my delicate hind--
stars aglint in the heavens.

My manicure today is an expression of what it would be like to pursue the white hind. She is always ahead, with the moonlight touching her. I wanted to evoke the dark green of a glade in the evening. The night blooming flowers are close at hand and the white hind is continually at a distance. Whimsical, yes?

Nubar Verde from the Venetian Glass Collection forms the base. I stamped the deer and ornate leaves from fauxnad plate H34. The deer image on the plate is a buck with antlers. It could also be a female reindeer. I was careful not to place any stamping polish in the antler portion of the design. I used a pin to draw on the other ear (that would have been blocked from view by the antlers).

The deer was stamped using Konad white special polish. The leaves were stamped in pastel green. I placed rainbow white flowers from Art Club to bloom from the leafy vine. I added a pale green pearl to each flower center. The last touch was to position a golden crescent Moon above the white hind.

The blackened burgundy flower is an Arabian Night dahlia.

Nubar Verde is a gorgeous polish. It's a dark green foil with gold, glass flecked shimmer. The polishes I have tried from the Venetian Glass Collection are breathtaking. The application is fantastic as well. Two coats bring perfect opacity.

Nubar Verde was sent to me for review. This beautiful green polish can be found within the Venetian Glass Collection at

The rainbow white flowers are new from the Art Club Sprinkles line. These flowers along with an amazing assortment of stars, hearts, metallic threads and crushed shell are scheduled for fall release. The rainbow white flowers were sent to me for review.

Image plate H34 was sent to me for consideration. Please visit for the full collection of nail art stamping design plates. Would you the chance to win eight design plates of your choice. Stop by the Pick You Plates at Chez-Delaney Giveaway.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. Diana, this is lovely! I think the choice of Verde as a base is perfect. I've always been fascinated with folklore of the white hind. I just love how you express these beautiful tales with art on your nails!
    How is your sister? I do hope she's getting better. My prayers are with you.

  2. Nicole: Thanks so much! I love exploring mythology, folklore and faery tales. It's such a pleasure to translate these themes into nail art.

    Thank you for your heartfelt concern and your prayers. I really appreciate it. We aren't going to know her treatment options until she sees a specialist in two weeks. It feels like such a long time to wait, but I know it's standard. I think I am going to do an announcement post soon just so everyone checking in is aware and up to date. xoxo!

  3. Oh Diana your mani si so delicate and full of poetry, I love it, it's so "you" :)

  4. Bit too long for my taste but they look amazing :) good job!

  5. fantastically whimsical and wonderful, those do look like night blooming flowers, do you suppose tale and folklore come from an albino deer the same as native americans were enthralled with the white buffalo

  6. love the nubar and also the wonderful fauxnad. so bad it's really hard to get fauxnad in my country :(

  7. I would love a bouquet of the flowers your showing. The flowers are one of the most beautiful things on Earth. Love the story of the hind. I think I told you before about the fairy tale that must be taken from this mythology. It's one of my favorites. The hind has jewels all over it's fur. I must find that book and give you the title. I know you'd love this book as much as I do. Love the beautiful manicure. I ordered many Nubar polishes from the 20% off sale. I did order some of the Venetian glass polishes. Enjoy your Sunday. It's just been a beautiful weekend.

  8. What a lovely and creative manicure.

    I just love your flower pictures. May I come and live in your garden?

  9. Very pretty! I love the inspiration behind this mani, and your flowers are gorgeous as always.

  10. wow this is so nice :) And the story behind it is great

  11. Oh my gosh this is just such a pretty mani!

  12. I am always overwhelmed by the beauty of your photos. The flowers are amazing, you have such interesting, beautiful manicures, and I love the way you write. Every visit to your blog is a little escape from the crazy everyday world, and I really appreciate it!

  13. Awwh I love the mythology behind this :3

  14. So gorgeous! ^^ I love this shade of green and the gold shimmer! This kind of mani could be something a playful wood nymph would wear. c:

  15. This is my new favorite of your manicures! It's just so beautiful and inspirational. And those flowers are incredibly lovely, especially the rose in the first photo.


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