Saturday, September 25, 2010

A corn snake and goldenrod

Hello ladies,

I recently made the acquaintance of a lovely corn snake at the Rancocas Nature Center. This snake is incredibly friendly. He ventures out of his aquarium often to educate school children and adults alike.
What beautiful coloring! His markings make me think of autumn leaves. He had shed recently, so his scales were exceptionally vibrant.
His tongue was so busy capturing the scents in the air.

His tongue emerged repeatedly. I wonder if he enjoyed the fragrance of my nail polish and rose perfume. He seemed so curious!

A field of goldenrod behind the visitor's center.

The handler at the nature center helped support the rest of the snake as I took photos. Were I permitted to hold him on my own, he would have easily wrapped around my neck. He already seemed to want to settle there on his own accord. Such a communicative and beautiful snake!

Many thanks to the people of Rancocas Nature Center for the introduction!

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. Ah, how much do I love snakes! This one is lovely. The only one I held was a pynthon, I was five and totally not scared! :D

  2. I love cornsnakes!!! Nice contrasting colors with your nails ;)

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  4. That is such a cool picture!!

  5. I have a corn snake! She is albino though, so she is pink and white. They are really sweet snakes and so friendly!

  6. Corn snakes are some of the most beautiful. And this lovely lady is no exception.

  7. Ahh, he's so cute!! I want to squeeze him ever so gently. I wish I had a corn snake.
    I can't get one because I have a long family history of snake phobias, and most of the women/girls in my family are deathly afraid of snakes. So they would kick me out the house. Thankfully, it skipped me...phobias are such a nuisance.

  8. Lovely snake! I wish I had a snake but couldn't fit it anywhere in the house atm. Maybe later...

  9. wow I'm not really a fan of snakes but this one looks really cute =) Too bad they don't live here. Two of the nontoxic snakes you can find here are Elaphe longissima and Natrix natrix. And they aren't as colorful as the snake you're holding.

  10. What a beautiful snake. I've never held one but would love to. Your nails looks fantastic also. Love that green.


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