Friday, September 24, 2010

Orbs in the night sky

Hello ladies,

I was working at a Halloween event on Thursday night. On a bit of fancy, I decided to take a picture of the Full Moon. The spheres you see in the black sky of evening are neither planets nor stars. They are orbs.

Orbs often appear in photos taken in areas reported to be haunted. The town I was working in has enough interest and activity to support its own ghost hunters' store.

Some people believe that orbs are a trick of the light or a fault of the camera. Others believe they offer evidence of ghost activity. I discovered an interesting article about orbs at

I didn't edit this photo aside from cropping the image. There has been no retouching. You can click on the image to enlarge.

My intent of taking a photo of the Moon was to place it in a future post with a Halloween manicure. I couldn't resist sharing the picture as the Moon is still full in the sky. It was fascinating to see the orbs as the picture loaded onto my computer. Has anyone else found orbs in their photos?

Happy painting, ladies! Happy haunting as well!


  1. Maybe a Mabon day (or night) hoodwinks! It has been cloudy the past two nights so no moon watching here in Central Florida. :(

  2. Just Cake girl: I have heard of people later seeing orbs in their photos when nothing was visible to the naked eye at the time the pictures were taken. It was the first time it ever happened to me! 'Interesting' is a good word for it! :)

    Kimberly: It was a wild experience. There was the Moon and one star in the sky when I took the photo. It came out looking like I used grey nail polish and a dotting tool. I hope the sky clears for you soon. <3

  3. That is amazing! For several years my friend and I would go to different "haunted" places on Halloween nights to take pictures in hopes of getting pictures like this.

  4. Ooooh creepy! And yes, I have! I used to think it was just a dirty lens, but....

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  6. This month Jupiter and Uranus are particularly close to the earth, they're almost in line with the moon and you can see them with your naked eye if the moon isn't too bright. Maybe those are the orbs?

  7. Wow. A couple of years ago I was on an object my father was working on (he's an architect). We took photos on his phone outside the building, on the street, it was all right. Then, in the building, there were dozens of spots on the photos, got to mention, it was a well-lighted place, and clearing the lens didn't help...Now I take the topic seriously!
    Kind of scary but waaaaaay too interesting! :)

  8. I simply thought this happens because of dirty lens. =D It's interesting though. Will check my photos for orbs. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Check out my blog, Diana. I think I just got one. *is spooked out*

  10. Anita: I may try taking photos in some other locations in this town. I wasn't expecting to see any orbs. It was a matter of circumstance.

    Aurora's Nails: I had seen orb pictures before. I never expected to encounter orbs myself. I am not sure what they are, but I know for certain it's not dust on the lens. I took pictures afterwards that are orb free. So strange!

    Cheryl: I will be on the lookout for Jupiter and Uranus as the Moon wanes. Thanks for letting me know! The spheres on the photo weren't visible to the naked eye. There are are multitudes of them. Try clicking on the photo. All that I saw in the sky was the Moon and one star. The background of the sky was very black otherwise.

    Daria: It's pretty fascinating isn't it? I took pictures before and after the Moon photo. There were no spots and I didn't clean the lens. I can imagine it would be hard for people too believe unless they experienced it themselves.

    nihrida: Part of me is curious if it's some kind of energy that isn't visible to the naked eye. I wonder if quantum physics will give us an answer some day. I'm willing to accept it's something supernatural too.

    Blogger is being glitchy at the moment and I can't seem to post a reply on your page. I will try again though. <3

  11. I LOVE the thought of this.. Not of being haunted, but that life exists after death.... I've heard orbs can be wandering spirits. Those who have not settled and found their 'home' yet. Love your picture.. Ahh this post made my day! xx

  12. The Diva's Polish: It's beautiful on many levels. It's amazing what one can encounter just going about the day or evening. I hope someday to know what orbs are. It is fascinating to consider the possibilities! xoxo!

  13. What a big beautiful moon. Lots of guardian angels about.


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