Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pearls and coral

Hello ladies,

There was about an hour of sun in Philadelphia today. This morning, I chose Coral Polish from eyeko with the thought of counteracting the days of rain and clouds. Aside from being a beautiful and vibrant jelly formula, Coral Polish may have power over the weather. I'll leave it up to you ladies to do your own experiments. There is your whimsy for the day!

From Konad plate S09, I stamped the line of flowers in white special polish. I alternated the positioning for my ring, middle and pointer fingers. I centered the design on each pinky nail. Ladies with wider nails would probably be able to get the entire image to fit vertically, as I did on my thumb. I added pale orange pearls to the center of the larger flowers. This look has an Asian influence.

The sheen of Coral Polish is lovely!
This photo best illustrates the design placement. I love how the petals of this white rose form a pinwheel.

The petals are the same shade as the pearls embellishing my nails.
Coral Polish even glows in diffuse light.
This chrysanthemum would look at home beneath the sea.

Coral Polish is a jelly formula that appears bright and glossy in just about every light. With two coats, you will have visible nail line. Three coats brings perfect opacity. Coral Polish still looks glassy and pretty at two coats. The color builds easily so you can choose whatever saturation you prefer.

I understand why eyeko labeled Coral Polish as For resort nails. The color is a cheer inducing, even on a (mostly) rainy day.

Coral Polish was sent to me for review. This shade can be purchased at

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. How did you get the polish and the flower to match in the 3rd photo! It's spot on!

  2. Gorgeous polish, gorgeous flowers! :)

  3. Kimberly: Begonias can do anything! ;)

    Zara: Thanks so much! I was so glad to have a little sun today to capture the bright manicure and flora. <3

  4. What a pretty polish! I love the flowers as well :)

  5. your nails make me miss spring/summer! so pretty! :)

  6. shazzii: Thank you! I wasn't expecting Coral Polish to be such a standout. I can't think of many coral jelly polishes. Love it!

    *Anita*: Thanks! We had such a warm and rainy week here. I was definitely thinking of summer when I put this look together. Ah, resort nails! There is summer weather somewhere. ;)

  7. gorgeous as always!

    i do have to say i like the light pink rose as a background best....brought out the pretty coral color best

  8. paintedbluestars: Thanks so much! To make you privy to a little behind the scenes amusement, I actually climbed into the bushes and stood on tiptoe to get the pink rose photos. I was also in a public park! :)

  9. That is a beautiful shade. I've worn Tequila Sunrise the other day which is a lovely coral. I also have a Maybelline from the Dollar Store which is I believe So Coral. Just in a mood for this shade. Need it today. It's so dark and awful out. Wish all this bad weather would just come and get it over with! Love those beautiful blossoms. The manicure is just as lovely as the blooms.

  10. Its so dainty and pretty! I love it.

  11. This is such a "me-mani". It's bright, girly and very feminine. And its got a floral design! :)


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