Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pick Your Plates at Chez-Delaney Giveaway Winner!

Hello ladies,

It was a beautiful day to venture outdoors and unearth a mystery.
Amidst chrysanthemums and begonias we met Elf. He was intent on helping find the winner for the Pick Your Plates at Chez-Delaney Giveaway.
The 608 hand written contest entries were buried with a marrow bone. Elf would know what to do!
Elf senses something under foot.
And starts digging for information.
He noses around the premises.
He is not afraid to put some muscle into it.
He examines the situation from every angle.
But is not yet willing to share his discovery.
Not a detail escapes him!
With assurance, he offers up the last shred of evidence.
Ana is the winner!

Thanks so much, Elf! He is a master of detection!

Many warm congratulations to Ana!

Thanks to chez-delaney for sponsoring this giveaway!

A special thanks to my sister Claire for sharing the charms of her Miniature Pinshcer with painted Lady fingers.

There is also the Naturally Beautiful and Polished Giveaway with nail polish from BB Couture and skin care from Reviva Labs. Please stop by and enter if you haven't had the chance. Best of luck!

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. Congratulations, Ana!
    Elf is so lovely.


  2. That is so cool how you picked the winner, I missed my entry to this contest, wahhhh!!
    Congrats to Ana ^_^.

  3. Congras to the winner. Elf is just too cute

  4. Elf is such a cutey patootie!
    Congrats Ana!!


  5. Congrats to Ana. Another fun way to pick a winner.

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  8. OH MY GOODNESS, what a wonderful little helper Elf is!! I can't believe how adorable his little face is!! I am overwhelmed by the cuteness of this little guy!

    Congratulations, Ana!! Enjoy!

  9. Congrats Ana!! :) And Elf is so cute, you always pick an interesting way for choosing the winner of yours giveaways. <3

  10. That was so adorable!!!


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