Monday, September 27, 2010

Porcelain flowers

Hello ladies,

Philadelphia has been beset by much needed rain. I spent the majority of the afternoon indoors. Something about being at home made me consider fine china place settings. Taupe and white form a modern palette. When I created this look, I imagined tiny flowers on porcelain.

From design plate H39, I stamped the flowers using Konad white pearl special polish. I added Marquis rhinestones to ornament the closed buds. I alternated positioning of pearls and rainbow crystals. When repeating a stamping design over ten nails, a slight change in gem placement can add movement.

A strand of amethyst over a violet purple scarf creates the backdrop.
I adore the retro label!
Russian sage at the Morris Arboretum.

Two coats of Posh Polish brought opacity. Application was tricky. The formula seemed a little thicker than I would have liked. I am always hesitant to add thinner to a new bottle of polish, especially my first time working with a brand. I used Nubar Diamont topcoat, which smoothed beautifully over the taupe creme, adding a glassy finish.

I am pleased with the final manicure. Posh Polish is a skin flattering taupe. There is a hint of purple in the base color. I was stopped by a woman who loved the shade and wanted to know the name of the polish. It was fun to say!

Posh Polish was sent to me for review. This shade can be purchased at

Image plate H39 was sent to me for consideration. To see the full line of nail art stamping plates, please visit Check under NEWS for more information about the Halloween contest and giveaway running through October 31st.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. this is seriously gorj :) i love this color and am glad it's so "trendy" so more people can learn to love it too!

  2. Adore the name of the post and I rather like the subtlety of the posh polish with the porcelain flowers. Lovely Diana! xx

  3. This is pretty. Very elegant looking

  4. kelliegonzo: Thank you! I love medium to dark taupe. I think back to when You Don't Know Jacques was introduced. I'm glad the idea caught on and there are gorgeous variations like Posh Polish out there. :)

    The Diva's Polish: My sister named this manicure. I had the concept from the beginning, but the name wasn't quite as forthcoming for me. The white pearl stamping polish (found in the Konad sponge nail art kit) is the perfect soft accent. The designs are still crisp, but much less stark than white. I knew you would enjoy this look!

    Millie: Thanks so much! I wanted to create a look befitting the name of the polish. <3

  5. Very pretty, I like the colour theme and the designs looks so elegant :)

  6. Wow, great color...stamping too :-)

  7. Very pretty and delicate looking. Reminds me of drab-wear dishes. They may be a bit more taupe looking. Such a terribly dull and drab day. Wish the rain would just come.

  8. that is a nice design reminds me of seed pods

  9. Cel: Thanks so much! I am glad you like the look. <3

    Salisha: Thank you, sweetie!

    Zana: Thank you! I love the classic look of taupe.

  10. SmALtY: Thanks so much! *curtseys*

    Lucy: Thank you! The color was fitting for the day. I am so ready for the sun on Friday! <3

    peripatetic33: Oh, seed pods! I must try that sometime! :)


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