Sunday, September 26, 2010

Reviva Labs: Organic Cleansing Milk

Hello ladies,

Last month, I incorporated Reviva Labs Organic Cleansing Milk into my skin care routine. This cleanser combines antiseptic and antibacterial essential oils with skin softening aloe vera and vitamin E. I appreciate how well this product keeps my skin clear and smooth.

Roses at the Morris Arboretum.

Organic Cleansing Milk is formulated to whisk pollution and debris from pores naturally. Living in a city, I am always conscious of selecting cleansers that are hard working, yet gentle enough for my sensitive skin. I guard against going to sleep with traces of pollution I have encountered during the day still present on my face. Since cells rejuvenate faster during sleep than any other time, it's beneficial to begin the process of cell turnover with cleansed skin.

The deep cleansing action makes this product an effective make up remover. I also value this cleanser for it's ability to thoroughly dissolve all residue from facial sunscreen. I follow with Organic Skin Tonic to freshen my complexion.

The ingredients include: steam distilled water, certified organic floral water of lavender, red raspberry, certified organic herbs of angelica, chamomile, ginger, hibiscus, sage, thyme, certified organic aloe vera, sunflower oil, vegetable decyl glucoside, vegetable glyceryl stearate, shea butter, vegetable glycerine, cetearyl alcohol, cetearth-20, xanthan gum, caprylic acid, glycine, lavender oil, geranium oil, tocopherol (natural vitamin E), Lecithin (Soy), Ester Vitamin C, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Citric Acid.

Lavender oil is well known as a relaxant and sleep aid. It is also employed in skin care because of its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action. Lavender is often utilized in the treatment of acne. Geranium oil has antiseptic properties that make it an effective skin treatment. It also stimulates circulation and can help in cell turnover.

These essential oils along with the proprietary blend of floral water and herbal extracts instill Organic Cleansing Milk with a beautiful fragrance. The scent reminds me of drinking a cup of herbal tea. Its pleasant aroma is relaxing to the senses.

Organic Cleansing Milk is a product I look forward to using on either side of sleep. If you are searching for a gentle cleanser to fit your daily regimen, I highly recommend giving this product a try.

Organic Cleansing Milk was sent to me for review. This product is available for purchase at for $9.50. The bottle pictured at the site shows Organic Cleansing Milk to contain hydrogen peroxide. The updated formula does not have hydrogen peroxide listed as an ingredient.

Happy painting, ladies!

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