Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Reviva Labs: Rosewater Facial Spray

Hello ladies,

I adore the perfume of roses. For the past few weeks, I have been enjoying the scent and experience of Reviva Labs Rosewater Facial Spray. This product is a refreshing skin toner that is versatile in application.

The directions recommend holding the bottle 8 inches from the face and misting the skin. I prefer saturating two cotton rounds and gently wiping my face and neck in an upward motion. I use the Rosewater Facial Spray directly after cleansing and before applying moisturizer. This technique will help skin creams better hydrate the skin.

The scent level is perfect. The rose fragrance softly perfumes my skin for a few minutes, then dissipates. I love that it's strong enough to be pleasing when applied, but doesn't linger in a distracting way.

Rosewater Facial Spray can be used by women who like to set their foundation and powder with a fine misting of water or toner.

With five nieces, I can see how this product would be useful in a school locker to freshen the skin throughout the day. Many astringents marketed towards teens are harsh and can cause imbalances that actually contribute to excess oil production. I am a believer in maintaining a gentle and consistent routine to keep skin clear.

Rosewater Facial Spray would also benefit women who work out regularly. The product could easily be transferred into a travel size container and tossed into a gym bag for convenience.

The ingredients include: Distilled rosewater, glycerin, aloe juice, polysorbate 20, hyaluronic acid, tocopheryl acetate, vegetable oil, vitamin A (retinyl palmitate), Vitamin D (ergocalciferol), extracts of fennel, hops, balm mint, mistletoe, maticaria, yarrow, mallow, ivy, cucumber, sambucus, and arnica, trace mineral concentrate, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, and citric acid.

I find myself using Rosewater Facial Spray as a skin refresher after being out for the day. It provides cleansing and skin softening properties. Gentle moisturizing ingredients like glycerin, vitamin E and hyaluronic acid hydrate the skin. In addition to the appealing scent, rosewater has been used historically as a skin beautifier and treatment for wrinkles. I can attest that my skin feels softer after using it. Maintaining the skin's hydration levels will minimize the appearance of wrinkles.

Reviva Labs also makes a Lindenflower toner for normal to oily skin. From my experience with the Rosewater Facial Spray, I would definitely recommend trying if it better suits your skin type.

Rosewater Facial Spray was sent to me for review. This toner can be purchased at The 8 ounce bottle retails for $9.00. For a chance to win Rosewater Facial Spray and gift pack of Reviva Labs skin care items, check out the Naturally Beautiful and Polished Giveaway. The contest closes on September 25th, so please stop by if you haven't yet had the opportunity.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. This sounds lovely and indulgent! I used to set my makeup with a spritz of water, but after your review this sounds like a good option! I'll have to give it a go :)

  2. I love the smell of roses too. I can just imagine the fresh feeling and the uplifting feeling this spritz would create.

  3. Michellerox: Years ago I used an Evian mister to set my makeup. I like that the Rosewater Facial Spray is a multi purpose skin treatment. <3

    Kimberly: It's a great product! It's the kind of beauty item I look forward to using. :)

  4. Sounds lovely! I do the same thing with Fix+ in spritzing my face before I apply moisturiser :)

  5. I also love the scent of roses. Not the artificial fragrance but the delicate scent. That must really be refreshing especially when it's hot this week. I've never set my makeup with Evian. I always thought it was so decadent! I used to read about it in Vogue and Baazar. All the models and the makeup artists used it.


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