Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Topsy Turvy Ladybugs and a garden friend

Hello ladies,

I decided to create a playful manicure featuring topsy turvy lady bugs. There is no way not to feel cheerful looking at such embellishments.

The base color is BB Couture Sex on the Beach. The lady bugs were stamped in black Konad special polish from plate M30. I placed gunmetal grey spheres from Bundle Monster on each of the dots. The color pulled just a touch with topcoat. The spheres pick up the color of the glitter and give the lady bugs added dimension.

While taking pictures of the peppers, I was distracted by a tiny rustle about two feet away.

A vole! This little creature was so very curious. I took the photo from about 8 inches away using the macro function. He even modeled with his paw up. So sweet!

Sex on the Beach is a sheer red jelly polish packed with multi-hued glitter. The color makes me think of strawberry juice. The red has a faintly pinkish tint that calls to mind a summer fruit bowl. I feel this red is distinct enough to warrant a purchase.

This polish can be worn in different ways. It looks pretty and glassy at two coats with a hint of visible nail line. Three would suffice for most ladies. I stopped painting at four coats, which made the color almost opaque. This polish dries fast. Whatever you decide is the best color saturation for your nails, this shade will still offer easy application.

This manicure induces happiness. There is nothing quite like sparkly lady bugs to add a bit of whimsy to your day.

Sex on the Beach was provided for review. This polish is part of the Cantina Nights Collection, available for purchase at overallbeauty.com. For a chance to win your choice of five colors from Cantina Nights along with skin care products from Reviva Labs, stop by the Naturally Beautiful and Polished Giveaway. The contest ends September 25th, so be sure to get your entry in soon!

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. Look at that little baby! Soooo cute.

    Sex and the Beach is one of my favorite reds ever, and I love those little ladybugs :)

  2. BBC does some fantastic little glitters! Love the Vole :)

  3. Aurora's Nails: The vole really did seem like a baby. He was so tame and friendly.

    I totally agree! Sex on the Beach is an amazing red! :)

    Kate: Thanks! Their glitter polishes really are masterful! I never know who I will meet in the garden. :)

  4. Ah, this is so cute, Diana. I adore this design!

  5. Sex on the Beach is a perfect colour for a ladybug mani. This one is a special red!

  6. Daria: Thanks so much, sweetie! I adore ladybugs. <3

    Serena: Thank you! Sex on the Beach is a remarkable red.

  7. Awwh this is so cute :3 and the vole is even cuter! I dont think I've ever seen a photo of one before.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Cute mani! I must use that design next time I do a red mani. That little vole is even cuter than the baby bunny that visits my backyard.

  10. Love the nails! ladybugs are a ray of sunshine for me! very nice!

  11. bing bang boom
    what a rare treat to see a vole who is not camera shy
    how adorable are those lady bugs
    ok i has added sex on the beach to my burgeoning bb wist list

    yay for BB yay for your wonderfull manis and fun adventures in the park

  12. I love ladybugs.They're so cute,and this is such a pretty manicure!

  13. This turned out SO cute! I would love to have a ladybug on a pedicure! Also, I think I'd like to own a vole now. Too bad they haven't been domesticated ;)

  14. I love the slight 3d effect of the spheres on the lady bug dots. Very cute.

  15. My computer doesn't seem to like your blog Diana! I hope this comment works as it seems that it's rejected most of the comments I've made. Know that I do look at your blog always and I love your Painted Lady Fingers. Love them :) xx

  16. i really love this color, it's so candy-like :)

  17. How adorable that your always finding little friends when your modeling your latest creation. Maybe he thought it was something he could nibble at! This manicre did bring a big smile to my face. I love this shade of polish and who doesn't love ladybugs? I could almost smell the flowers. They are beautiful.

  18. Silhouette Screams: Thanks so much! Apparently voles are shy creatures and aren't often photographed. I think the one I saw may be very young. <3

    Millie: Thank you! I'm sure you'll love having ladybugs on your nails too! It's hard to be cuter than a baby bunny, but this little vole is a good contender. :)

    Patricia: Thanks so much! Ladybugs are indeed creators of happiness. :)

  19. maRyya: Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed the post.

    peripatetic33: Thank you! I felt so very lucky to have made the acquaintance of this particular vole. Such a sweet creature! Sex on the Beach is a worthy addition to your wish list. I will be showing more from BB Couture in the next week to tempt you further. ;)

    Starlight: Thank you! I have such an affinity for ladybugs. <3

    Mickellerox: Great idea! Ladybugs would be sweet on toes! I was so tempted to put the vole in my dress pocket and take him home.

  20. MistressZombie: As a bonus, the grouping of spheres had a pleasing texture. My kitty kept rubbing the bridge of his nose against my nails. Quite comical!

    The Diva's Polish: Oh dear! I wonder if you tried commenting anonymously if that would work better. If that doesn't work, you could always e-mail me a comment and I would post it for you if you want to. I'm happy to work around that pesky comment function! xoxox!

  21. kelliegonzo: The color does indeed look like a delicious sweet! <3

    Lucy: Thank you so much! I wonder if my little friend was transfixed by the red with sparkles. I am happy every time I see a ladybug. It was a pleasure to have them on my nails. <3

  22. Ladybugs. I like 'em! They are adorable. And adorable on your nails! Although I think if it were me I would have chosen a different base colour and then coloured in the ladybug in red.


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