Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Cream Perfume Company: Rose de Rosee Perfumed Body Moisturizer

Hello ladies,

I have recently been using Rose de Rosee Perfumed Body Moisturizer as a fragrant, skin softener. Its blend of all natural emollients with the scent of an exquisite rose bouquet makes applying this moisturizer a luxuriant experience.
Rose de Rosee is an elegant fragrance. There is a subtle sweetness beneath the aroma of rose petals. The blend has a vintage feel. The fragrances for the Cream Perfume Company are created in Grasse, France. I love how old world artistry can be showcased in an everyday skin care product.

Perfumed Body Moisturizer is available in the following fragrances: Coconut vanille, Lavender Ecume, and Rose de Rosee. I am definitely interested in trying the lavender scent as well. I love using lavender scented products before bedtime to help transition into restful sleep.

I enjoy layering my Organic Rose De Rosee Creme Perfume with the moisturizer. The products pair well. I also like experimenting with perfumes from my personal collection. Rose de Rosee Perfumed Body Moisturizer creates a beautiful floral backdrop for any perfume I choose to wear.

The ingredients include: Water (aqua), cetearyl olivate, sorbitan olivate, glycerin, carthamus tinctorius (safflower) seed oil, butyrospermum parkaii (shea butter), olea europaea (olive) fruit oil, olea europaea (olive) fruit extract, fragrance, aloe barbendsis (aloe vera) leaf juice, xantham gum, panthenol (pro Vitamin B-5), corn starch, phenoxyethanol and ethylhexlglycerin.

I really appreciate the effectiveness of Perfumed Body Moisturizer. I have been applying it after showering to seal in hydration. My dry skin has benefited from the natural oils, shea butter and aloe vera. The moisturizer absorbs easily and leaves skin feeling smooth.

The formula is free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, silicones, synthetic additives, artificial fragrances, artificial colors, EDTA and petroleum based ingredients. Perfumed Body Moisturizer has 100% vegan components. It is also suitable for those with wheat and gluten sensitivities. The Cream Perfume Company does not test on animals.

With such care taken to compose a healthful and cruelty free formula, Perfumed Body Moisturizer would be great to have on hand for hostess and holiday gifts. The site is currently offering free shipping to the US and Canada.

I have been truly enjoying my Rose de Rosee Perfumed Body Moisturizer. I would certainly recommend it to ladies who take pleasure in beautifully fragrant skin care.

Rose de rosee Perfumed Body Moisturizer was sent to me for review. It is available for purchase at for $12 for the 6 ounce (177 mL) size. The Coconut Vanille fragrance is offered in a 2.5 ounce travel size for $7.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. ipehishere: I adore roses! They are my favorite flower. :)

  2. See this is one of the many varied reason why I love your blog. I've been in search of a good rose scented cream of perfume and low-and-behold I check in at your blog this morning and there it is! I trust your reviews and opinions and the fact that the products are free of toxins. Thanks.

  3. Eileen: I'm so glad my review was well timed! The Cream Perfume Company creates some incredible all natural fragrances. I'm sure you will enjoy Rose de Rosee. <3

  4. I also love rose fragrance. I don't like the fake smell of rose that's very strong. A soft fragrance is one I've been looking for. I used to have a rose fragrance made by Revlon. It was a long time ago when this was available. I didn't think I would like it. It smelled so nice on me. My brother always commented how nice it smelled on me. He never said anything about my fragrance. Wish I could find something as nice. Maybe this would be the one.

  5. Lucy: The Creme Perfume Company creates some gorgeous natural perfumes. I love the aroma of blooming roses. It's such a pleasure to wear the scent throughout the day. I have had different rose perfumes since I was a teenager. Roses have always been a favorite of mine. <3


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