Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fall stilettos

Hello ladies,

Today I created an autumnal look to mirror the changing leaves and the pots of golden chrysanthemums. Who says you can't wear stilettos in the woods?

Starting with Nubar Taffeta as the base, I positioned a copper flower from Bundle Monster close to the nail line. A yellow rhinestone brightens the center. While the metallic flowers are pretty, they are not wholly colorfast with Diamont topcoat.

I formed the stiletto by creating a curve of Nubar Oro from the side of the nail towards the tip and overlapping with Arencia. This look can still be accomplished with less nail length. You will just need to begin painting the arch at the cuticle line. If you can paint a basic French with confidence, the stiletto will be fairly easy to replicate.

A citrine wand.

Arencia, Oro, Taffeta.

Taffeta is a lovely dark beige. It makes me think of a chocolate creme dessert with a touch of cinnamon. I needed three coats for opacity, but I think most ladies with active length nails would be satisfied with two. The formula is wonderful, so easy to apply.

I am really pleased with the assortment of neutrals in Nubar Finest Silks. I'm delighted how well these colors pair with the glass flecked shimmer polishes from the Venetian Glass Collection. I will definitely be showing more looks blending the two collections.

While true stilettos would involve sculpted tips that angle to a point, I think it's fun to reference the shape on natural nails with polish.

Taffeta is from the Finest Silks Collection. Arencia and Oro are part of the Venetian Glass Collection. These polishes were sent to me for review. They can be purchased at

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. i love this look very very much. and the polishes too :) :)

  2. very cute look. i like the idea of the stiletto illusion, its more practical and safe :)

  3. So pretty and elegant :) Love it!

  4. This is so beautiful! I like the much better than true stilettos! And it is so fall appropriate!

  5. Mmm those colors are "hot" as paris hilton would say a few years ago. Ok dont kill me for thinking that out loud.

  6. This is a really creative manicure!

  7. Jamie K: I am in love with your rabbit! Please give your bunny a kiss from me. <3

    Enamel Girl: Thanks! My nails are mostly non-hazardous. ;)

    Joice: Thanks so much! I love creating more refined looks on occasion. <3

    Varnish Vixen: Thank you! I l feel inspired by fall color! It's nice to coordinate with the leaves.

  8. this is love! perfect for fall. wish we got fall here in the Philippines too (haha wishful thinking).

  9. Mistress Zombie: You made me laugh! Thanks! :D

    maRyya: Thanks so much! <3

    Jackie S: Thanks! It's nice to have a little diversion from stamping on occasion. <3

    rosey: Thank you! I wish I could export some fall weather for you. I can take more tree pictures and do more fall manicures! <3

  10. Beautiful polishes and love the design. I believe I have to get that collection in the future. Love the colors of Fall. I'm enjoying my cup of Earl Grey while reading your blog. It's the only tea I drink.

  11. I love this mani! Your combination of neutral dark beige and glass flecked shimmer polishes is phenomenal!

  12. The colors you've chosen are a beautiful match! It's perfect! Especially on long nails!


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