Monday, October 18, 2010

For help dealing with thievery: A useful article about copyright

Hello ladies,

In recent weeks, there have been increased reports of post thievery being confronted by nail polish and beauty bloggers. I have a link to a useful article dealing with copyright issues: 10 Big Myths about Copyright Explained. Brad Templeton discusses popular misconceptions regarding copyright. He refers to laws that are part of the U.S. legal system and those that are internationally accepted regarding use of materials on the internet.

For those of you who publish blogs, I recommend bookmarking the link. If you come across your content outside your domain, it would be helpful to provide a link to this article along with your request to have your text and photos pulled. I really hope you never need to refer to it for that purpose.

10 Big Myths about Copyright Explained is a good resource to help each of us properly adhere to copyright laws when posting on blogs or forums. The article is written in an accessible style, while referring to individual laws. There is also a summary that concisely targets each point for clarity.

The article may offer new information to some of you and be a refresher for others. If you have school age children or teenagers in your life, please share the information and talk about the copyright issue.

Here is a tree beginning to change into its autumn colors.

A beautiful canopy.

Happy painting, ladies.


  1. Thanks for the link, I believe everyone that uses the internet on a daily basis should read it!

  2. *Fleur*: That's a good point! <3

    nihrida: No problem! :)

  3. Thank you for sharing this. Great resource!

  4. Thank you for this information and the link.

  5. this is extremely helpful. In the past week I have had to e-mail a couple of bloggers I follow to let them know I saw their photos in a makeup forum,and on someone else's blog. This is an issue that seems to keep drawing alot of attention recently.

  6. Thanks for sharing this! I really can't believe some of the blatant plagiarism going on.

  7. This is really good information to have, thank you.


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