Sunday, October 24, 2010

Scaredy Cat

Hello ladies,

With his back arched and fur on end, the Halloween kitty tries to give the Moon a fright. In response, the Moon emits a purplish glow. Kitty still has many more tricks to play...

I began with Nubar Arencia, a coppery orange shade. Using Konad black special polish, I stamped the scaredy cat from design plate T13. I hung a purple Moon in the sky. With the striper in the Nubar Royal Amethyst two in one nail art pen, I tipped my nails in a coordinating purple.

Arencia looks like embers in bright sun.

Here comes Rebus, ready to receive affection. Rebus belongs to my sister's neighbors. He's a gregarious fellow.

Arencia is the perfect shade for fall. The flashes in the glass flecked shimmer mirror the color of leaves turning. If your climate doesn't allow all four seasons, you can replicate one on your nails. I am showing three coats.

I rather love doing Halloween manicures. Any excuse to put a black cat on my nails works for me!

Royal Amethyst is from the Bejeweled Nail Art Pen Collection. Arencia is part of the Venetian Glass Collection. These polishes were sent to me for review and can be purchased at

Image plate T13 was provided for my consideration. Please stop by to see the full line of nail art stamping plates. The popular H series was just restocked!

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. I love the cat stamping plates. Cant wait until I can get more of my own. Great mani hun!

  2. Love your Halloween manicures. The cat is fantastic and love the color combination. I just did orange polish with orange and gold glitter topcoat. That's as far as I go!

  3. Those cats are so cute! Love the little moons too :3

  4. awww cuteeeee cat on your nails :D

  5. Great mani and that is a lovely if slightly fierce looking cat!

  6. This is too cute, I love the kitty! And the moons are very nice. Great Halloween mani! :D

  7. his is very pretty. I love the thin line at the tips of your nails! {& awesome kitty photo}

  8. Fun mani! Rebus looks very determined to get his scritches. :)

  9. the kitty cracks me up, lol. so cute :)

  10. Mistress Zombie: Thanks so much! I love kitties too!

    Paulina: Thanks! Rebus is a sweetie!

    Lucy: Thanks so much! I was wearing an orange and purple skirt for a Halloween event, so I created a matching nail look. Your layered manicure sounds festive. Glitter can do anything! <3

    Silhouette Screams: Thank you! I loved having kitties on my nails.

  11. ipehishere: Thanks, sweetie! <3

    nailcrazy: Thanks! So glad you like it!

    Cali369: Thank you! It was so hard to get a picture of Rebus. He kept circling my ankles and purring. He looks so intent in the photo, but he just wanted attention. :)

    Jenny: Thanks so much! I love creating Halloween manicures. <3

  12. Deez Nails: Thanks so much! I love doing a thin line French. Rebus is a handsome fellow. <3

    Karen D: Thanks! That kitty is relentless in gaining affection. So cute!

    Enamel Girl: Thanks so much! I love the feline personality. :)

  13. Pyrite. A word unto itself. Silver matching that of Rebus and Dusty. And I shall tie it together with the cats on your nails and the polish on Shannon's fingernails. Perhaps she looks up to you and your professional manicures. I think yes. Emulate - the best form of flattery.

  14. miaouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu pschichccccccccchhhhhhhhhhh ma cat is frightened ^^ Love this mani Diana :)

  15. Too many oranges! I really really want to try my orange shimmer shade now! I haven't tried it yet, its in my box of untrieds, along with quite a few others...possibly half my collection...

    How many times do you wear one colour Diana? I find that even though I don't mean to, I usually only wear them once!


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