Friday, October 29, 2010

To catch a new love

Hello ladies,

At Halloween time, spells are cast. I am sure that witches will be out this Sunday, eyes on suitable partners in their Halloween finery. A love spell might be just the thing to attract a man who could successfully fill out a pointy hat.

I began with Color Club Resort to Red. With Konad white pearl special polish, I stamped the spider web from image plate T13. I let the web catch pink and red hearts from Art Club Sprinkles. On each nail, there are four hearts: two large and two small.

Raw amethyst.

A rose quartz wand.

Even witches have laundry day. These witch hats are hanging in Mt. Holly, NJ.

Resort to Red has pink and violet in the base. This romantic shade has a pearl finish. There are visible brushstrokes when painting, but their appearance lessens after topcoat has been applied. I really love this color! It has more visual interest than a standard red, but still looks classic.

I hope you enjoy the Halloween love spell I cast.

Color Club Resort to Red was provided for review. This shade and others from the Untamed Luxury Collection are available for purchase at The hearts from Art Club Sprinkles were also sent for review purposes.

Image plate T13 was provided for my consideration. To view to the full line of nail art stamping plates, please stop by

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. lol at the witches airing their dirty laundry and a very cute design.

  2. This is so cute!

    Your blog makes me miss Philly. I lived around the area for 7 years. I can't wait to be there to spend Thanksgiving with my relatives.

  3. I really like the hearts and the webs together!

  4. I love this design, its like Halloween meets Valentines Day!

  5. very cool. i like the twist of the hearts instead of spiders

  6. Rose quartz is the stone my granny always told me was -my- stone (I'm wearing the write quartz which was actually rose at the moment, as a talisman), and amethyst is my favourite one. Just a funny coincidence!
    I love the idea, so sweet. I wish the spell comes true for some who need it :)
    The polish is quite interesting, the shimmer gives it a twist.
    I loved the picture of witches' hats hanging! Too bad Halloween isn't a traditional holiday here.

    Happy Halloween, Diana! <3

  7. What an intriguing combination in themes. Weaving a spell for love and a spider 'net' to capture it. Diana, this manicure is simply delightful.

    I love Halloween and all the fun it comes with. I hope you have a grand time.

  8. I love this idea. Really fun twist of on the spider web design.

  9. You managed to make something spider-related really cute :3

  10. Your so amazing. I enjoy every manicure you do. This is so pretty. You could even wear it for Valentine's Day. Love those witches hats.

  11. I like the Color Club colour very much! It's a lovely wine colour.


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