Monday, November 1, 2010

Bats in flight

Hello ladies,

I have my last Halloween manicure of the season to share with you, along with some flora and fauna. My friend David and I journeyed to Longwood Gardens today to revel in the fall color. My festive nails added a bit more paint to the landscape.

Purple goldstone skull

Color Club: Bewitching, Cast a Spell Kit
Art Club: Bewitching Halloween Gems

Look who came out to the meadow to greet us! One of the feline workers at Longwood Gardens pauses during a hunting expedition.

My striped and bejeweled manicure was created using the Cast a Spell Kit from Color Club and the Art Club Bewitching Halloween Gems. I began with a whitening base coat, added two layers of Spellbound (neon orange), and sealed it with top coat.

I then painted two coats of Charmed I'm Sure (purple shimmer) at a diagonal across the upper two thirds of my nails. I wrapped the tips throughly and added topcoat. I layered a stripe of Hocus Pocus (holographic glitter) in the center. Hocus Pocus has a fast dry time.

I waited a bit for the glitter polish to become thoroughly dry and then placed bat stickers along the stripe. I alternated solid bats with bat outline decals. The kit has a great variety of Halloween designs: haunted houses, ghosts, ghouls, moons, stars, spirals, gravestones and glitter dots. The Gothic ladies among us would be enchanted by Cast A Spell all year long.

Because I can't keep away from rhinestones, I positioned a silver dot over the orange polish and an orange dot over the purple. The Bewitching Halloween Gems wheel also has pearls! Although they didn't appear in this manicure, you will be seeing the pearls in future designs. I also have plans for the miniature black and orange beads.

I hope you enjoyed my Halloween fun!

The Color Club Bewitching Cast a Spell Kit and the Art Club Halloween Gems were sent to me for review. These can be purchased at

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. Love the nails, the bats are fabulous and that skull is gorgeous!

  2. I love the look. It's mindblowingly awesome.


  3. Lovely! And the skull is a nice touch. :)

  4. Wow! that's hot!!! another fantastic mani.

  5. Original & well done, love this nail art Diana :)

  6. Evil Angel: Thanks so much! I wish you lived a little closer so I could show you my crystal skull collection. <3

    Rebecca: Thank you! I love putting different elements from kits together.

    rojosa: Thanks so much! I love featuring skulls in with Halloween manicures.

    domesticgoddess: Thanks! I had a great time putting the look together.

    Saori: Thank you, sweetie! So glad you like the look. :)

    Jackie S: Thanks so much! I appreciate it!

  7. Love how the bats alternate colours :3 so cuuuuuute

  8. your nail art are too beautiful, i loooove cats, i have 14, yes, believe!

  9. Very spooktacular nails! The one bat looks like the batman symbol and my husband is a batman freak. Love all the Halloween colors and bling.

  10. Oh my, somehow I missed these when you first posted them a couple of days ago, but I LOVE them! They are one of the favorites out of all of the Halloween nails I have seen! :)

  11. These are the best Halloween nails I've seen. Your so inventive and I love the design of your manicure.

  12. Wow, this is very interesting, that blue looks almost black! At least the black and orange combination isn't as strange looking to me as black and red. ;) It's very unusual, not a colour combination that I would have thought of myself, which is why I have you here to do it for me! :)


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