Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Icy roses

Hello ladies,

I was amazed when my friend David told me the roses in his yard started blooming again. Roses are my favorite flower. It brought me such happiness to be able to experience roses on the vine past their season. I was thinking about the frosty temperatures typically brought by late November weather as well as the early darkening of the sky. I created a look of icy roses.

From Konad plate M40, I stamped roses with white special polish. I reversed the image from top to bottom every other nail. I added a clear crystal with rainbow reflection, a white pearl and a silver bead to each nail. I love the icy feel and the shine brought by these tiny ornaments.

Jewel of a Girl is such a beautiful shade. The color is a shimmering fusion of plum and burgundy. The deep hue doesn't appear blackened. Two coats should be perfect for opacity. While I tend to use three for most Color Club polishes, I love this color so much I kept right on painting!

I wanted to create a manicure that felt like a reflection of me, something to help me connect with my own sense of self and happiness. Roses and pearls were a natural choice. The local rose bushes were in full collaboration. I hope you enjoyed it too!

Jewel of a Girl was sent to me for review. This polish is part of the Untamed Luxury Collection, available at victoriasnailsupply.com.

Image plate M40 was provided for my consideration. You can see the full line of Konad products at ocnailart.com.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. Your nails look gorgeous, and I'm glad you get to enjoy your roses for a bit longer!

  2. I adore roses! Especially their smell. Everytime I sniff it on my way -- it makes me smile. I'm so glad you're enjoying your favourite flowers that late in the year!
    I love the manicure, can feel the iciness and november in this one. Are your nails slightly shorter than always or is it just me?

  3. Zara: Thanks so much! The roses were a little treat from Nature. <3

    Nikki Warner: Thank you! Seeing roses blooming today was better than a bouquet. :)

    Daria: Ah, the smell of roses. Such a pleasure! I can always guess when I create something you would like. Thanks so much for your kind words. <3

    There are two factors. I file my nails once a week. I just filed them before painting this time. Also, I positioned my fingers slightly differently to catch the sun on the tips in the majority of the photos. It makes my nails look a little shorter. Very perceptive, dear one!

  4. I love roses! The smell to be honest, not too sure about. But I love the delicacy and beauty of roses! My house has a large rose tree out in the front yard, and we planted a set of different rose bushes along the side of the driveway and they are so lovely to stare at the yellow, red, and pink roses. Your friend David's roses are amazing by the way, tell him that his gardening method is definitely top-notch! :)

  5. This is spectacular. Lovely color & finishing touches. Very feminine! :O)
    Little wonder the roses bloomed again b/c of all the freaky weather we've been having. Warm today, freezing tmrw. LOL Thanks for sharing. I will double ck. my rose bush as well.

  6. Oh my goodness! The pink rose!!! They are an excellent compliment to your mani. And that color is one I should not have let sit on the shelf; it's gorgeous!

  7. Spectacularly gorgeous! Does this pokish hold up well?

  8. well...pokish means polish...LMBO!

  9. Joan: Thank you! The image of your drive lined with roses is lovely to consider. These roses aren't his, but as you know, I have taken many pictures with David's flowers. You are on point about his notable gardening skills.

    1xellus1: Thanks so much! I hope you were able to enjoy some roses in bloom too.

    Kimberly: Thanks! The roses were such a treat! I was surprised just how lovely this polish is once I applied it. <3

    Nancy: You crack me up! xoxo! The polish wears well. I am on day three, and it still looks perfect. :)

  10. Thank God for David. He has a beautiful garden and it makes me happy to see the lovely flowers. Hope the roses won't be affected by blooming this late. Love your manicure. I've seen roses that same shade and they're so beautiful. Wish I had the money to have masses of them each week!

  11. Lucy: I will tell David you were thinking about him. It's his birthday tomorrow. I'm so glad you like the manicure. I love roses on the vine and wearing them on my nails makes me happy. <3


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