Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Modern floral

Hello ladies,

In home decor magazines, purple and brown is often showcased together as a design element. I translated this color scheme into a nail look and incorporated a modern floral.

With Konad violet pearl Princess polish, I stamped the flowers from plate M36. I positioned the design off center and mirrored the placement on my right hand. I added an amethyst jewel in the middle of each flower and used a lavender pearl and four silver beads to represent the buds.

I am showing two sets of photos of Nubar Moire. The first grouping was taken indoors under a natural lamp. The second were taken outdoors in full sun. The natural lamp photos are the most color accurate. A dusky shade, Moire is beige with a mauve undertone.
A piece of tumbled amethyst.

The full sun, along with the fall leaf background, adds warmth to Moire.

A ginkgo tree in Fairmount Park's Horticulture Center.

Two coats of Moire brings perfect opacity. This polish applied beautifully. I am really impressed with the application of all the colors I have tried from the Finest Silks Collection.

Moire is another shade that has a vintage feel. I enjoyed blending the old and the new with this look.

Moire was sent to me for review. This shade is part of the Finest Silks Collection, available at

Konad plate M36 was provided for consideration. To explore the full line of Konad products, visit For the chance to win eight nail art stamping plates, stop by the Ladies' Choice of Eight Plates Giveaway to enter.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. Very pretty! We have tons of Ginko trees even outside of Fairmount Park. When we were kids we used to call them "Stinkbomb Trees" LOL.
    Great pics. Thanks for sharing

  2. love the entire look...I am copy-cat the look using essie chinchilly for my base color. <3

  3. That Amethyst is very complex with the different shades within.
    The color combo you made is quite lovely.

  4. Nice combo. Pretty mani as always

  5. omg! this is such glam looking mani! so pretty!

  6. Lovely! Great color combo, and I really like the extra touch that all of the gems give! :)

  7. The design really pops with the colors you chose. Very elegant looking. Your nails rock!

  8. Oh Jeepers that's pretty. I mean so frillicious. <3 it A LOT.

  9. I love how you can combine konad with rhinestones and other nailart and make it all look fabulous!

  10. Though the base shade isn't something I would usually wear, I think it's a cool and interesting colour. Nice mix of purple and brown :)

  11. 1xellus1: Thanks so much! Ginkgos are one of my favorite trees. There is one outside my apartment window, but it's a less fragrant male tree.

    Beata: I'm so glad you like the look so much! I think Chinchilly is a little darker. You may want to try the pastel violet special polish to get a similar contrast. Please link back to me if you try it out on your own nails. <3

    Toes that Twinkle!: Thanks! I appreciate it! :)

    Kimberly: Thank you! Would you believe the amethyst came from the Hallmark card store years ago? My Mom picked it out for me.

    Twister: Thanks so much, sweetie! <3

    My Make Up Mania: Thank you! I am so glad you like it! :)

  12. MaryAnn: Thank you! :)

    Jenny: Thanks! Home decor magazines can be so inspirational. I often see colors paired that wouldn't first occur to me, but I end up loving them. I kept adding sparkles to this look.

    nail crazy: Thanks so much! Blending the old and the new can be auspicious.

    maRyya: Thank you kindly!

  13. mamawoolly: Thanks so much! I love experimenting with color and style. <3

    JQ: Thank you! I am loving the word 'frillicious'. <3

    Spaceinvaders: Thanks! It is my belief that sparkle can do anything.

    Silhouette Screams: Thank you! Blogging has definitely opened me up to try new colors and embellish them in a way that feels closer to my own style. Other times I just see what happens. ;)

  14. i love this pattern, always elegant & you dressed it very well with strass & pearls :) XOXO

  15. Very pretty manicure. I love Nubar polishes. Glad there is that sale on. I wil be taking advantage of it.

  16. Saori: Thanks so much sweetie! I was surprised how dressy the finished manicure looked. <3

    Lucy: Thank you! Have a great time shopping their site.

    I'm sorry I couldn't answer your question about the Holiday Jewel Basket right away. I wasn't sure until I had the polishes in my hands that they were re-promotes. I'm glad Judy was able to give you the info in her review. <3


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