Friday, November 12, 2010

Nice or Naughty-Hard Candy Holiday Sets

Hello ladies,

Hard Candy has some pretty amazing gift sets for the holidays! I am eyeing the Hall of Fame Train Case and the minis with the red snakeskin clutch. I love holiday sets especially when they include sparkle and nail polish. Are any of you ladies tempted?

Below is the press release information. The photo is huge, so click away to view the product details.


No matter what the celebration is this holiday season Hard Candy is offering a range of gift sets for loved ones, teachers, friends, co-workers and even the person who has everything!

From $1 mini nail polish and limited edition heart shaped nail files to the $20 Hall of Fame train case these sets are fun, functional and flirty.

Heartbreaker ($10) offers a sampling of mini products along with a red snakeskin clutch to use during the holidays – and beyond.

Lash Stash ($10) offers the perfect lashes for any occasion with a limited edition pink chrome eyelash curler.

The Flavored Lip Gloss Ring set ($5) is a 4 pack of fashion meets beauty.

Eyes, lips, nails, face and body are all covered in these amazing sets and will mark you as the ultimate gift giver.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. oooooh, i'll be getting the 5 polish mini set.

  2. Oooh the sets look amazing, if they would sell here I`d pick the mini polishes and the set on the very right with all the eyeshadow colors :)

  3. Wow, these prices are amazing!! I've never tried them before, are they good?

  4. How awesome! Do you know if these are available outside US?

  5. Yay! I will keep my eyes open for this super cute sets:)
    Thanks for the scoop.

  6. There look amazing!

  7. I'm eyeing the Lancome, Elizabeth Arden and Estee Lauder gifts sets for Christmas. My girlfriend went to Macy's today with my Debit card. I told her to buy the Estee Lauder gift set for me. I wanted the Pleasures Bloom fragrance gift set. I'm a sucker for all of these makeup sets. I believe she's buying the Lancome set. Can't wait to see all my stuff. Next time she goes to Walmart I'll have her look at the Hard Candy. A new Walmart opened up in Somerdale, NJ and she went to scope it out. I had her pick me up Hard Candy's Lava. I've been wanting that since it came out. Have a nice weekend. So far the weather is so beautiful!

  8. I just picked up the 5 pack of nail polishes. Not too impressed with the colors :/

  9. Wow! These are really nice gift sets. I am guessing I will find them at Walmart. Nice!


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