Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sepia tone flowers

Hello ladies,

I wanted to evoke a vintage feel with today's look. I was musing over party dresses with cap sleeves and long silk scarves being caught in the wind. I thought about ballerinas as well, attired in blush colored leotards, with matching ribbons wound into their hair. These characters of the past were captured in sepia tone photographs and old postcards.

I began with the delightfully named Charmeuse from Nubar. From Konad plate M31, I stamped the flowers and ribbons in brown Princess polish. I added a copper gem to the center of each flower.

I love the reflection of the water lily petals unfurling.

Charmeuse is a lovely, muted pink. This polish was opaque in two coats and had perfect application.

If you are looking for a pretty, vintage pink, Charmeuse is certain to enchant. I hope you enjoyed today's exploration of the past.

This shade was sent to me for review. Charmeuse is part of the Finest Silks Collection, available at

Image plate M31 was provided for my consideration. To browse the full line of Konad nail art stamping products, please visit For a chance to win eight image plates, stop by the Ladies' Choice of Plates Giveaway to enter.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. This is soft and so feminine <3 it definitely evokes that vintage feel.

  2. Gorgeous picture of that flower, wow!

    And I always think vintage when I see colors like this, too; a little dusty kind of. Very nice :)

  3. I didn't think much of Charmeuse before seeing it used in this manicure. It looks like such a peaceful colour the way you've used it.

    I've been following your blog for a while now, but somehow I never get up the nerve to comment because most of the time I just want to say: "I'm awe of your nail painting skills. :D"

  4. love how the rhinestone sits on top of ur manicure nicely, i always hv to put some topcoat over it... but the shine gets lost :( any tips? :)

  5. Pretty and romantic manicure. Reminds me of a Victorian gown.

  6. Alexa1202: Thanks so much, sweetie!

    Silhouette Screams: Thanks! I really love how delicate Charmeuse is. Such a pretty polish!

    peripatetic33: Thank you kindly! :)

    Spaceinvaders: Thanks! I appreciate it!

    maRyya: Thank you! That's sweet!

    Black Cherry: Thanks so much! <3

    Patricia: Thanks! I really love the shade!

  7. Aurora's Nails: Thank you! I have more water lily photos to share. I love the blush pink! It's retro and elegant. <3

    Silva: Thanks so much! :)

    mylittlevanities: Thank you! I really appreciate your sweet comment. I was really curious about Charmeuse when the polishes arrived. It's a different take on a classic pink. Once I put it on, I was really impressed with the color. <3

  8. Jamie K.: Thanks! This is curious because all of my manicures are sealed with topcoat, even before pictures. I use CND Air Dry or Diamont topcoat. Neither of these floods the crystals or dulls them. If you decide to try Air Dry, go for the larger size that's ball shaped. The brush is so much better! I hope that helps!

    Lucy: Thanks so much! I love your comparison. It does have a Victorian feel. <3

  9. I love this manicure...very lovely! It makes me think of the Victorian dresses in Pride and Prejudice.


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