Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A blue and grey day: Color Club Soft as Cashmere

Hello ladies,

It seems like many of us have been greeted by icy winds today. I was thinking about the grey overtaking the blue sky. Ashley, my favorite cafe barista, said my manicure reminded her of the ice thawing in Spring and the flowers coming out of the earth. Perhaps my internal optimism was at work in creating this look.

I began with Color Club Soft as Cashmere for a base. From Konad plate S9, I stamped the flowers in blue pearl special polish. I chose turquoise rhinestones from Bundle Monster. These are slightly larger than the size that typically appears on my nails. I created a curved glitter French using Covered in Diamonds. I followed the shape of the stamping design along the side of the nail.

White poinsettias and blue hydrangea at Longwood Gardens.

Soft as Cashmere required three coats for opacity. The color is a pretty, warm grey with beige undertones. Covered in Diamonds is a must have for those who love layering notes. Its icy sparkle is perfect for winter manicures.

If you are in Australia, feel free to share stories of your warm temperatures. It will be like wrapping around an extra scarf.

Color Club Soft as Cashmere and Covered in Diamonds were sent to me for review. These polishes are part of the Untamed Luxury Collection, available for purchase at victoriasnailsupply.com.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. thats a wonderful winter design with hints of spring to come

  2. That's such a pretty manicure. I love how you used all the colours together. To be honest at first I thought you used crushed shells for the tips and then after reading I realised that it was actually "Covered in Diamonds". That's a very interesting flakie!

  3. That is so nice and graceful color, I love to wear grey and medium tones in winters, and this one suits my taste very well. Thanks for posting

  4. Love the manicure!

    Warm temperatures? It's 6.20am and as I'm sitting here I can feel the sweating start. It's hot and sticky.

    But, saying all that, I do love the Australian Christmas! If you're interested, I posted about our Christmas here: http://thegirlwithabow.com/?p=778

  5. Reminds me of the crocuses pushing their way out of the snow. Love the tips that look like ice. It's so bitter cold here. Wrap up warm!

  6. peripatetic33: Thanks so much! I think a little Spring fancy is good on a cold day. <3

    Cel: Thank you. Covered in Diamonds is unusual. The flakies are thin pieces of cellophane. They adhere well and don't pop up. At certain angles, they do have a glassy, crushed shell look.

    YoannitaL: Thanks! I really appreciate your kind words. :)

  7. Can C: Grey and winter go together. I enjoy carrying the theme onto my nails. <3

    thegirlwithabow: That was just what I needed to warm up a bit. Thanks for sharing your holiday celebrations. <3

    Lucy: Oh, crocuses. They make me so happy! David got me these amazing fleece lined wool knit mittens. So cozy! I also have a knit hat with ear flaps and ribbon roses. It's retro style and it ties under the neck. I am all covered up when outside.


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