Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 Favorites: A Manicure Retrospective

Hello ladies,

I put together a collection of looks from 2010. These were composed of reader favorites, experiments with technique and simply manicures I enjoyed creating. The manicures are shown in order of how they were posted, from January through December 2010.

Below each picture is a link to each original post. You can travel there to see more photos or gather information about how to recreate the look at home. I hope you enjoy the retrospective.
Pearl, sea and sky: Nubar Sky Sparkle
Accessorize: Color Club Who Are You Wearing?
Red sugar, pink icing, candy hearts: Color Club She's So Glam, Art of Seduction
Peacock blue: Color Club Gossip Column
Strawberry Milkshake: Essie Pop Art Pink
Bite and scratch: Nubar Lustful Red, ManGlaze Hot Mess, Matte is Murder
Business time: Nubar Enchanting Red, ManGlaze Matte is Murder
Bluebirds, golden light: Hard Candy Splendid, Sugar Daddy
Opalescent stripes: Nubar Stormhold, Nfu #50
Ingenue: Diamond Cosmetics Gypsy Red
Wedgwood Blue: Diamond Cosmetics Tranquility
Gold dust: Revlon Cotton Candy, Color Club Sultry Diva
Starry garden pinks: Hard Candy Pretty in Punk, Hot Pants
Exotic plumes: Hard Candy Frenzy, Date Night and Sweet P
Treasure in a deep sea cave: Hard Candy Envy, Break Up
Love and stilettos: Hard Candy The End, Hypnotic and Sugar Daddy
Grape glam: s-he stylezone 464, China Glaze Octa Gone Wild, Tickle My Triangle, Sexagon
Butterflies aglow: P2
Carnival of flowers: Brucci Emmi and Olli Go Bananas
Bejeweled grapes: Diamond Cosmetics Pelican Peak Purple
Des bijoux et des fleurs: BB Couture Ceremony
Watermelon Tourmaline: Nubar Twilight Matte, Petunia Sparkle, Meadow Sparkle, 2010
Night blooming flowers: Nubar Midnight Matte
Flower circlets: Nubar Reef Green
White Peacock: Nubar Pasadena Purple
The sea of stars: Nubar Mali Blue
All aflutter: Color Club Almost Famous


  1. thank you for sharing. beautiful work! :O)

  2. WOW, these are amazingly gorgeous. I can't even pick one favorite! :) I love the grapes, the peacocks and the bb couture ceremony mani the most but they are all sooo cool!

  3. these are all really cool! Thanks for sharing, my fav about of the bunch is peacock blue!!

  4. Happy New Year sweetie! I can't even begin to pick a favorite. Each one is more beautiful than the next.

  5. So much pretty in one place! Pearl sea sky and Bluebird's Golden Light are my favourites :3

  6. I love the peacock one, it's gorgeous. The rest are also really pretty!

  7. Love them all but if I had to choose it would be Pearl, Sea and Sky :)

  8. GREAT review! Your designs are fab!

  9. Absolutely gorgeous, every single one!

  10. I'm glad I don't have to pick one favorite out of this gallery. I love them all. All beautiful!!

  11. I was going to comment and tell you my favourite but its too hard to choose! The peacock one is beautiful though, and I really like the one with hearts and spiderwebs.

  12. How did you pick?? I remember all of those. Gorgeous gorgeous. You are incredibly talented. Thank you for a beautiful year! I can't wait for more to come!

  13. That;s my favorite post to date. It's great to see all the manis at one time. Awesome idea. You are so creative. How do you keep your nails so long?

  14. 1xellus1: Thank you so much for supporting what I love to do. I really appreciate it! <3

    Jennifer Leigh: Thank you! I don't even know which one is my favorite either. They were all created from different moods and inspiration. They each hold a pleasant memory for me.

    Manicure Addict: Thanks! I should do some drawing soon. I love spending lots of time on freehand drawing with nail art pens on snowy days. It's an enjoyable past time.

    Lucy: Thank you so much! I hope you are having a Happy New Year too. I appreciate your being with me through my nail art journey. I love sharing with you. xoxo!

  15. Hi Diana, my best wishes for this new year Dear :) Wonderful retrospective of marvelous nail art XD ♥♥

  16. i love Bluebirds, golden light, Wedgwood and peacock blue!

  17. Those are lovely pictures! One more beautiful than the other!
    As a blue lover, I think Nubar Sky Sparkle is my favorite mani here, along with Color Club Untamed Luxury and the pirate mani with the skulls and those shimmery flakies at your tips. Very creative and very nice!

  18. I really like what you do! It's fun, pretty and always well done! Congrats!!!!


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