Sunday, January 30, 2011

Black Swan: Cheeky Monkey Filthy Madame

Hello ladies,

Ever since I watched the movie Black Swan, I have wanted to create a manicure inspired by the haunting visuals. I chose reoccurring themes from the movie to decorate my nails: ballerinas, feathers, a swan, and lilies. I attempted different ways of embellishing the tips with red and bone white crushed shell.

I chose white Konad special polish for stamping. On my pointer finger, the cascading feathers are from plate M77. I added a mirror gem and a white pearl. The ballerinas positioned on my middle finger and thumb are from S08. My pinky has lilies from M36. I adhered a white pearl and a small rhinestone to highlight the flowers. The plates mentioned above are from Konad.

From chez-delaney P19, I stamped the swan on my ring finger. I placed a clear crystal on the wing. I used a striper brush with China Glaze Millennium to highlight the feathers, water beneath the swan and the lily stems. It is tricky to create clean lines with a chrome polish. I would recommend experimenting with a fine silver glitter instead.

Feathers, a ballerina, a swan, a lily.
I chose red crushed shell to embellish the tips on my thumb and ring finger.

A howlite crystal skull.

On my rather elusive and seldom seen right hand, I blended red and bone white crushed shell on each tip.
My right pointer finger.

Cheeky Monkey Filthy Madam reminds me of a black pearl. In bright sun, the color appears deep charcoal grey. There is a wealth of micro shimmer adding luster to Filthy Madam. Silver and rainbow particles are stirred throughout. Holding the bottle, I can easily distinguish green and pink micro shimmer.

The formula has a pearl finish. There are subtle brushstrokes during application that dissipate once topcoat is added. I am wearing three coats, but I think ladies with shorter nails could get away with two. The polish dries quickly with a lovely sheen.

When examining the different typefaces printed around the bottle, my friend Emily said: Filthy Madam? What about Filthy Mademoiselle?. I think that's a wonderful name to add to the Cheeky Monkey catalog!

I hope you enjoyed my cinematic nail art. For another manicure exploring the movie Black Swan, check out Deniz's version. She really captures the dark and violent feel. Are there any other Black Swan manicures I should see?

How many of you ladies have seen Black Swan? What were your impressions? While I enjoyed the acting and found some of the images arresting, I felt the director could have been more restrained in letting the plot move more naturally and allowing the viewer to develop his or her own impressions. I knew how the movie was going to end within the first 10 minutes.

I also would have loved to have seen more original themes explored. The idea of ballerinas dealing with aggressive and predatory directors, overbearing mothers, competition among dancers, and anorexia has been examined. This isn't to say the movie wasn't worthwhile, but I think with fine tuning it could have been great.

Filthy Madam was offered to me for review. This shade can be purchased at

Konad image plates M36, M77 and S08 were sent to me for review. You can shop the complete line of nail art stamping products at

Design plate P19 was provided for my consideration. Stop by to view the full assortment of nail art stamping plates.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. hated the movie but i love the nails XD

  2. That is a beautifully interpreted rendition--I like your nails more than I did the movie! I'm in agreement with you, the acting was well done and the imagery and artistic vision were very moving, but the story itself...not all that original overall.

  3. Alex: The movie has the potential to inspire some strong reactions. Glad you liked the nails!

    Toesthattwinkle: I have a collection of crystal skulls. I used many for props this past October with Halloween manicures.

  4. Mary: Thanks so much! I had a great time putting the manicure together. There were so many images from the movie that stayed with me. I felt like I was on a treasure hunt through my nail art supplies!

    ThatsSOFresh: Thanks, sweetie!

  5. Love the nails, have yet to watch the movie. With all of the mixed reviews I think I am just going to wait for it to be on DVD before I watch it though.

  6. Mistress Zombie: Thanks so much! I would definitely recommend watching the DVD, but won't advocate the price of a theatre ticket.

  7. Diana, this is amazing! You've put so much effort into this manicure, and it's the first time I regret I didn't get the ballerina plate =/ Thank you for the mention, by the way =)
    By the way, here is another Black Swan manicure by Rachel Marie:

  8. Omg I love the nails! Is there any chance perhaps you can do a mini tutorial on how you applied the crush shells? I have some and I would love to use them properly! Every time i have tried has been a major FAIL! Lol.

  9. I'm loving the nail polish, it's such an interesting color.

    I don't know how to think about the movie, though. I didn't notice anything different about the directing, but that might've been because I watched the movie in segments during three days. It was bit too much for me to watch in one sitting.

  10. That manicure looks so good! It's very nice :)
    I haven't watched the movie, but it sounds very interesting!

  11. i saw the movie on saturday night with DH and i LOVED it! i love the crushed glass too!

  12. I have not seen the movie yet. I think I'll wait til it is out on Netflix. I'm disappointed to hear that you had it figured out within 10 minutes. I like to have suspense too.

    Did you find the shell pieces cumbersome to place? It looks like it would be a chore. But what a dramatic effect!

  13. Crushed shells?! Never seen them before. beautifully done!

  14. Hi,Diana! I know I haven't commented in awhile. I have to say this is my fave so far this year,and I haven't seen the movie. So pretty!

  15. Your nails reflect the black swan. The crushed shells show how her life shattered to pieces. I will see the movie from the safety of command central. Could there be any more Ice? Yes. Love the nails. Love, me.

  16. Your manicure is amazing. I understand the use of the pieces of shells but I don't care for them. I'd like them if they were finer. The rest of the manicure is beautiful. I haven't seen the movie yet. I don't go to the movie theatre. I can't stand all the talking. Yakkers never fail to be around me! I love anything with a ballet theme.


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