Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Grey and silver skies: Nubar Barricade and Organza

Hello ladies,

The past three days have been a gathering of snow, sleet, and rain. I decided to translate the chill weather onto my nails. I created a grey tone on tone manicure with gems and mirrors as icy highlights.

I formed pearl dots using Nubar Organza. This is my first venture with a dotting tool. I am definitely looking forward to experimenting further with this technique. I placed large rainbow gems, mirror circles, clear faceted and smooth rhinestones and pearls at random.

This manicure was tricky to capture. All of the dots are the same color on the nail. The sun seemed to highlight some more than others. If you squint a little, you can envision it.

Barricade applied easily, with the standard high quality Nubar formula. Two coats brought perfect opacity. I love wearing grey polish in winter. I feel like I am part of the atmosphere.

I hope you enjoyed my modern take on snow, ice and rain.

Part of the Fortress Collection, Barricade was sent to me for review. Organza, also provided for review, can be found within the Finest Silks Collection. Both polishes can be purchased at

The dotting tools were sent to me for consideration. Visit to purchase.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. That mani definitely translates the weather!

  2. Looks exactly what the weather is! Crazy and more of this rotten weather to come. I want a Spring manicure that will translate to the outdoors! Be careful walking around town sweetie.

  3. kittypolishnbags: Thanks! Mission accomplished!

    Lucy: I hear you! I am so ready for Spring! I hope the "Partly Sunny" forecast for this weekend affords us more sunbeams than clouds. xoxo!

  4. The grey looks amazing on you! I was just looking for a grey that wasn't too dark. How do you think this would look on cool-toned fair hands? I have RBL Stormy though...

  5. I won dotting tools as my very first giveaway winnings. I haven't used them near enough. But they make me feel like a really can do nail art. :)

    This is a perfect representation of the winter weather. Maybe I'm melancholy but I like gray skies.

  6. in Germany, the weather is all gray, too :( yesterday it snowed again for about 10 cm and it took us 2 hours for a 30 km (about 20 mile) drive to work. sigh.
    I also like gray polish :)) though I really like it when the gray has a touch of purple or blue or a pearlish shimmer to it. The nubar fortress collection was really cool, barricade and marble tower were my two faves.
    I can't wait for summer when I can wear all my lovely bright shimmery turquoises again :)


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