Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hearts and filigree: BB Couture Santa's Sak

Hello ladies,

I have a sweet manicure for you today with a candy red, heart gems and a filigree band. This manicure was born out of a certain optimism for the New Year and a desire to offer love to each of you.

I began by stamping the filigree flowers from image plate T41 with Konad white special polish. I flipped the stamp every other nail to create movement in the design. Using silver beads, I ornamented each band. Next, I placed heart mirror gems at the tip of every nail. I altered the gem placement on each hand.

Santa's Sak is such a gorgeous polish! It is a candy red that makes me think of maraschino cherries. This jelly polish is swirled with silver bar glitter and round glitter pieces. Despite the name, this polish would be perfect for Valentine's Day manicures.

The color is more translucent than my camera could capture. Seeing the glitter in person is much like looking at bright fish through aquarium glass. Even the fish towards the back of the tank are visible. After applying three coats, you can still see the glitter of the first coat behind the second two.

To avoid the subtle visible nail line apparent with most jelly polishes, I used two coats of Brucci 2 in 1 Nail Perfection as a whitening base. Ladies with shorter nails could easily skip this step. I highly recommend using three coats of Santa's Sak. It's still quite pretty at two, but three is like the grand finale of a fireworks display.

I hope you enjoyed the sparkle and sweetness of this manicure!

BB Couture Santa's Sak was sent to me for review. To purchase, visit For a chance to win the entire BB Couture Christmas Collection, Made from Earth skin care and a chic wristlet, stop by Get Festive Giveaway! to enter. Hurry as the giveaway closes in the last available time zone January 7th!

Image plate T41 was provided for my consideration. To shop the full line of nail art stamping design plates, go to

Happy painting ladies!


  1. How unique to have a polish that allows the glitter from the coats before shine through. Looks like a mani ready for a romantic getaway. :)

  2. This is sooo pretty! I agree it definitely has a Valentine's Day feel to it. I need to remember to come back and check this out again closer to V-Day, I want to do something similar for it :) The nail art on this is the perfect blend of not over the top but still full of cool things!

  3. I love how you describe theappearance of the glitter in the polish! I love it when the glitter looks suspended!! Very pretty red nails!

  4. I didn't realize Santa's Sak was so darn pretty! You really showcase that polish the way it deserves to be. Thanks for the love. Tons of love back to you. I adore the manicure. The gems, the stamp it's almost to beautiful for words!

  5. You have gorgeous nails! I love how the stars shine in the light!

    (Sorry I really hate to ask an unrelated question but I've been trying to find that Twitter widget that I noticed you have that lists your tweets, could you please tell me where you got it from?)

  6. this goes straight to my wishlist. so beautiful!

  7. Kimberly: BB Couture does glitter jelly polishes like no other brand. I feel confident 2011 will offer love and adventure!

    Jana: Thanks so much! I have a Valentine's Day label with several heart designs. I'm sure I will do more in the coming weeks. I just received some new heart shaped jewels so I won't be able to stop myself! ;)

    Judy: Thank you! I swear looking at glitter in jelly polish is as exciting as brightly hued fish swimming about. <3

    Lucy: Thanks so much! Whenever I do a heart manicure, I think of you. I know you favor them. xoxo!

    Jennifer Leigh: Here you go, sweetie! Make sure you are logged in and go to this page:

  8. Aw shucks, that's such a pretty red. What a beautiful mani!

  9. Enamel Girl: Thanks! It's definitely wish list worthy!

  10. Thank you so much! Duh, I didn't even think to check Twitter!

  11. Santa is my favorite, love it!!!

  12. You turned a polish with such a funny name into something so beautiful and refined :)

  13. I am not a red-fan, but BB couture does some really nice, glittery reds. In this one there is even bar glitter in addition to the normal glitter. I really like how fragile and thin your stamping came out, quite elegant!
    Though I'd love to see something like this with a washed out greyed purple (OPI parlez-vous opi or Nubar Pharao Purple or something like that) with a black or silver stamping ...

  14. Aw. Sending love back to you.
    Once you said this was a jelly, I was sold. Gorgeous mani.

  15. I agree with SilhouetteScreams!
    As you always do. I might sound like a desperate fangirl of yours, but it's always some kind of a magical aura around you that turns things to something wondeful and beautiful.
    Anyway! I love this so much. Definitely V-day's worthy.
    Such a long time no talk to you. I miss you! By the way, I follow you on twitter, I'm @jomelton there :)
    I wish you an amazing new year full of creativity, wonders and love! <3

  16. This is really really really really really pretty! :D I love how the red shimmer shade looks on your nails, and the konad and heart is very sweet.


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