Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter necklace: BB Couture Silver Balls

Hello ladies,

With snow in the immediate forecast, I chose a soft metallic shade for today's manicure. I wanted to create jewelry for my nails, a winter necklace for each fingertip.

From Born Pretty plate M05, I stamped the double swirls in black Konad special polish. I added a rainbow gem between the two swirls to create a necklace. I placed peridot rhinestones and pale green pearls along the chain.

It was my first initiative with a design plate from Born Pretty. I found the image transferred cleanly and easily. I'll be taking pictures of the plates I received in an upcoming post. This image is a little tricky to position on the nail. My advice for proper centering is to judge the position by the widest point in the design.

Despite the name, Silver Balls is pale sage green. The composition of this shade is similar to the shimmer polishes from Milani Welcome Back Color, except with the trademark quality BB Couture formula. The color sets with a pearl finish, but applies like a frost. The visible brushstrokes dramatically soften with topcoat.

The bar glitter and silver glitter pieces are partially hidden by the metallic finish. I think it makes an interesting textural look that would likely be fascinating with matte topcoat.

I realize Silver Balls was intended for the holidays, but it looks like a Spring shade to me. It makes me wish for bulb flowers to appear. Tiny crocuses, don't be shy.

BB Couture Silver Balls was provided for review. This shade along with the entire Christmas Collection can be purchased from

Design plate M05 was provided for consideration. It is part of the nail art stamping plate set #518. For purchase, please visit

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. Kendal: This collection had some cheeky names. I was tempted to embellish the necklace entirely in pearls, but I restrained myself. ;)

  2. This one makes me think of the embroidery on some corsets. Pretty!

  3. kittypolishnbags: Thanks! I can see the corsets now. The design also makes me think of violins.

  4. I like this. I was thinking the same thing as kittypolishnbags said they look like little corsets. lol

  5. MissMidnightBlue: Thanks! I'm glad you like the manicure. Now all I can see are corsets. ;)

  6. I've been following your blog for a bit but this is my first comment.

    First, THANK YOU for sharing your creations on the internet! You compose the most beautiful and unique designs I've ever seen and I so appreciate your generosity in photographing and posting them on the WWW! You're spreading beauty all over the world - how cool is that??! :)

    And today's manicure? Incredible, of course! The shade DOES remind me of a fresh snowfall - soft and luminous! But... I must confess that "pearl necklace" immediately came to my mind as well when I read the title of your design and the name of the polish color! *blush*

    Then I read your reply to the first comment where you said you were "tempted to embellish the necklace entirely in pearls" and I just HAD to jump in and say something! You're not "simply" an amazingly talented artist and writer, you're also hilarious and totally "real", too!!! How refreshing! Plus, I'm just so happy I'm not alone (down here in the gutter ;-D)! LOL!

    Anyway, thank you again for sharing your gorgeousness with the world! :) Keep on rocking, chica!



  7. I should just add my name under Ruthie's. I totally agree with her. Your an angel. I can also picture this manicure on an angel.

  8. I love this mani! It first reminded me of winter fairytails but when I read your whole blogpost I had to agree with you - it is a spring shade

  9. It's very beautifull ! Clear, little easter sound, congrat' !

  10. I really like the symmetry of this design. It's simple and elegant.
    I couldn't help but notice- Roasted Nuts, Santa's Sak and now Silver Balls!! I'm glad I'm not the only one who has the mind of a 12 year old boy :D


  11. This is definitely a 'winter' green. A soft green without being a pastel. I like the corsets look on the nails, just not having to actually wear them.


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